27 September 2011

It's a beautiful day

Today is my day off work.  It's 8 o'cock, and I have walked the dogs, put the bins out, ministered to a sick hubby who is stuck in bed with a bad back, and after a few chores (which will be done in record time)  I will be sewing a bit.   But as I was sitting on the front steps enjoying my cuppa, the early morning sun and mist over the vines was so nice I took a photo to share it with you.

That led me onto taking a few photos of the garden.  We've not had a garden post for a while, so those allergic to all things gardening, look away now!

The patch of grass that I sewed earlier on was a dismal failure, so we re-seeded two weeks ago and this time it rocketed up

The tommies are almost done now, but we had tonnes over the summer.  Well, what do you expect with 30 plants?

The flowers mainly did well.  The zinnia and comsos have been brilliant, despite getting no water whilst we were on holiday and the temperatures were in  the mid to high 30's.  However the dahlia and lavatera didn't fair so well, and somewhere in there is a row of margeurites which lost out in the competition with the cosmos!

We've planted a spirea "hedge"
 and started a rockery, to hold this little slope together (hopefully)

The grass (not sure the name of it) under the kitchen window has been glorious

And the lemon grass I brought home from my sisters in Portugal has thrived, although I don't know if it'll make it through the winter

And finally I have potted up a couple of chrystanths and arranged a few obligatory gourds around them.   

These are the front steps where I drink my morning cuppa, if anyone would care to join me.

Notes for 2012
  • Don't go on holiday in August and expect things to survive!   We had a good sweet corn crop, but most of them were ready whilst we were away
  • No more brassicas
  • Leeks are probably not going to do any good here - they are still like spring onions, and they don't survive in the ground in a czech winter
  • Less is more - if we're talking tomatoes
  • Extend the dribble watering system.   Gets the water where it's needed and wastes very little.
  • Move the soft fruits to somewhere where I can see them, therefore remember to water them and pick the fruit!
Garden tour over then - off to skin some more tomatoes.

PS  The cat brought another mouse in this morning.  I dealt with this one!


  1. Wouldnt mind joining you on your step for coffee, looks peaceful and lovely.

  2. I'll be there with you and Sarah. Can we have a biscuit too, please?!

  3. I enjoyed your post this morning. That shot of the flowers and the house in the background is so lovely. I see the morning haze and can only imagine what a beautiful day it will be for you today. I agree, I am planting fewer tomatoes next year.

  4. Lovely glimpse into your world - my daughter's cat is a real mouser - she has 2 or 3 "pressies" every day on the doorstep!

  5. I like your garden very much - especially since you have my favourite cosmos there. And I envy you all the tomatoes.
    And the first photo, so full of light, is just beautiful.