25 September 2011

Normal service...

......Will be resumed shortly.  In the meantime, the words aren't flowing so a few pictures are called for.  You can write your own commentary if you like!

The two mug rugs for the 2011 Goodie Swap

Mug rug and goodie for partner 1

Mug rug and goodie for partner 2


Needle case for partner 2

Pumpkin pig

Pumpkin Caterpillar

Crochet lessons with friends

Flowers from the garden

Happy Days - quilt top finished

These need further explanations, but right now I have to go - the cat has just brought a live mouse into the kitchen.  Oh joy of joys!

Update on the mouse situation.  The cat quickly got bored leaving it to the dog to deal with!


  1. thanks dianne....love that little needle case. any instructions on how to make one....please?

  2. lol! for a post with few words you still managed to make me laugh! Really gorgeous swap makes missus, your partners are going to be really delighted I'm sure :-) And the pumpkin creatures are AWESOME! with or without explanation they are fab. And a really lovely quilt top, you might be quiet but boy you've been busy!

  3. Cats!!
    Love the rugs and goodies, they are yummy.Also Happy Days, I love a pinwheel

  4. Well, at least the dog took care of matters and you didn't. You have some great makes there! And a lovely quilt top.