07 September 2011

Pay it forward

It seems ages ago that I joined in with Pay it forward with Jan at Janice Elaine Sews.   Jan had warned me something was on it's way to me, but it was really nice to find a surprise parcel nestling in the post box.    So what was my pressie?

A beautiful scraf.  I don't recognise the fabrice, but it is very pretty and sooo soft.

When it arrived on Monday, the weather was hot and sticky, and I was wearing a bikin top.   This is not a look I wish to share with the blogging world, therefore Ted stood in as a model.

But Ted is a smooth cookie and I don't think this look is for him.  So we had another photo shoot last night and came up with this slightly stiff picture of me modelling my new scarf

Sorry - a fashion model I am not.  And I hate having my photo taken.  But the scarf looks good.

So thaks Jan for my lovely gift.  And to my pay it forward recipient (there was only one who signed up), I haven't forgotten you!

PS this is the second time I have written this post - I somehow managed to delete the first!


  1. oooh thats what you look like!! lol good to see you missus :-) Scarf looks good on you! fabric addict that I am, I'm guessing thats Anna Maria Horners Little Folks Voiles (I have some I havent played with yet!)

  2. I was just going to say that cos Leanne just let me know that was what my scarf was - I always wondered what was meant by voile as we are used to the sheer stuff.
    Looks good on you.

  3. Lovely scarf and nothing wrong with that photo.

  4. What a beautiful scarf! That fabric is considered very special, almost like getting a Liberty of London scarf, you are very lucky.

  5. Just tried to reply to your email and it got flung back at me - problems again?

  6. The scarf is gorgeous and lovely to finally see you! I agree with Susan - nothing wrong with the photo.