27 October 2011

African flowers


I like to have a bit of crochet on the go.  I'm not a great hand sewer, so for the nights in front of the telly and the fire, I need a bit of crochet or some knitting.   I crocheted this blanket for my nephew and his wife for their wedding present.


When I wrote out my Winter Stitching List, I clean forgot about my crochet flowers that I started 12 months ago, or more maybe.  I don't know if you know the african flower pattern.

1. African Flower Hexagon Blanket, 2. Beginnings of something hexagony...closer 1, 3. AfricanFlower Halter Top, 4. africanflower, 5. my first african flowers...., 6. African flower afghan, 7. new project #5, 8. african flower blanket, 9. african flower, 10. African flower hexagon blanket. finished 015, 11. African flower bag almost finished, 12. Afrikanska blommor, 13. Backside of my pillowcase14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

And of course, there is a flickr flickr group

Here's my take on it, using up some balls of cotton that I've had for ages.

A pile of african flowers

Lots of lovely bright colours, randomly selected

This is how many I've done so far

Looking over the mosaic now, I must admit I prefer those that are co-ordinated colours, rather than just random like this.  But they're done, and I'm not changing them now!  I have been crocheting away without any clear idea of what to do with them,  but now    I'm thinking I could use these to make the baby blanket for my friend in Oz (item number  15 on my list)   Do you think they'd make a good baby blanket or is it a bit too loud?   What colour would look good to join them?   Any suggestions would be appricated


  1. I think they would make a great baby blanket, really great and colourful! :)

  2. I love crocheting but now that I've taken up hand sewing, crochet has taken a back seat. The African flowers look fabulous and would be great as a baby blanket. I would use white to join them together. White always looks fabulous with yummy bright random colours.

  3. I think your African flower medallions are fantastic, and would make a treasured baby blanket. Of course white would look great, and all the young people around me are going for brown or gray.

  4. Oh these are adorable, I am in awe as a non crochet person - the bright colours would be great for a baby, my first thought was white too.

  5. granny squares are the only thing I know how to crochet. I think I could handle this project. The colors are lovely. Have you seen these slippers? So cute...http://pinterest.com/pin/329635552/

  6. Oh these are fabulous! Really love the bright random colours. I'd say do more just like these and its going to be STUNNING.

  7. how i love these... i totally pinned this!

  8. I love them, the colours look great together.

  9. I love your african flowers. Please post a link to directions or tell how they are made. A perfect project for in front of the tv.