26 October 2011

All the way from Planet Moron

Today was the long awaited day when the council would attend to bank that borders our property.  When they dug the road out, they didn't support the bank they opened up in any way, so it has gradually been falling away over the last 4 years.  But due to the polite, insistent and relentless nagging from my husband, they are now supporting it properly.  Well not properly - they don't have the money to do it properly and build a road, but it will be sufficient to stop our septic tank from migrating down the hill towards our poor neighbours!

But then the tractor driver arrived from planet Moron, and drove his tractor through the electric box belonging to our neighbours, which cut off the electricity to the whole street.  On my day off?  When I had sewing planned?  How dare he?  Actually, it did get quite exciting, for around these parts.  At one stage we had three policeman here, measuring, taking a breatheliser, taking notes.  I guess it could have been quite serious, and we've probably got a Health and Safety enquiry started.  Needless to say all work on the bank has stopped.  The tractor drivers and the digger man buggered off.   The electricity was off for over 3 hours, but I did manage to get a few manual jobs done - cutting, planning, tidying (how did my little sewing room get so untidy in such a short time?). 

A quick update on the Red running table runner border.   I went to the big city on Sunday and managed to get some of the colour catchers everyone recommended.  So on Monday am, they went into the washing machine with a peice of red and a piece of white fabric.  The anticipation on my return home from work was unbearable.  Would it be OK and I wouldn't have to re make the border?   Err, actually no it's wasn't OK.   The colour catchers did their job, but not well enough to save the white fabric, and furthermore the border.   Do you want to know what I did with it?

If you look carefully you can just make it out in the flames

So I guess I've learned my lesson the hard way.  The white fabric for the new border is cut, and I'm just waiting on some green spotty  fabric I have ordered.  Then I have to decide if it's the red spot or the green spot, both of which will be tested for colour fastness!.

On a lighter note, today is day 26 of the Blogtoberfest.  Roll on Monday is all I can say - I am sort of running out of inspiration for my daily post!


  1. You have done so well posting but daily is a big ask!
    Our road was resurfaced the other week as well as all our lamposts being replaced - I took a sort of childinsh pleasure in watching all the diggers etc.....

  2. Hey, you're almost thru blogtoberfest and I think you've done a fabulous job! As for your morning... phew. Strong cup of tea needed!

  3. I don't know how you manage to write everyday! Sounds like an eventful morning!

  4. What a day! I love that you burned it in the fire, a fine ending. I do prewash everything, I know I am in the tiny minority but one benefit of many is that I avoid the running colours problem.

  5. Can't remember what I was going to say after reading the above comment. "septic tank cumming" ?!!??!!?