13 October 2011

Back on Track

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

Day 12 of the Blogtoberfest and I was struggling a bit yesterday, to find something to blog about.   Having to find something interesting and whitty every day is quite a challenge.  I read so many blogs where the author blogs everyday, and didn't realise just how hard it is.   When I was posting two or three times a week, it became a bit of a chore, but doing it every day is actually more satisfying and I look forward to it every day.   Now I've got into the routine, I'm much more relaxed about it.  And yesterday was the first time that I couldn't find any inspiration.   But I did get some funny comments - thanks Susan, maybe next time I'll try your approach!

Anyway, today I have some sewing to show you.  My first nine blocks for my Pips quilt for my friends grand-son to be. 

I wanted a simple pattern which would keep the charm squares intact - I didn't want to start cutting across those scooters or swings.   I 'va also tried to pick out the more boyish colours.   And so far, I think it looks great.  I think those coloured borders are perfect.

I know Sherbet Pips has been done to death.  I blame the marketing machines of those big companies - I really don't much like how they push their new designs into our faces, although I'm always there in the queue when they do give-aways!   But I still really like this collection, and I think that the square polka dots, and those circle-in-squares will always have a place in my stash.   And let's face it, I'm making it for someone who has never seen this fabric in her life before, and I know she will think it is absolutely A-DOR-ABLE.  

And I still have all the girlie colours to make another quilt.   Pete, our 2nd in command at work, and his wife are expecting their 3rd baby in February.  They already have two boys, and they wouldn't say what flavour baby they were having either time, in fact even they didn't know the second time.   They aren't saying this time either, so I already have the Happy Days quilt for them if it's a boy, and the second Sherbet Pips if it's a girl.   Has anyone got any good suggestions for a good pattern for the second quilt?  


  1. Really enjoying your regular blogging! And I agree with you about the sherbet pips overload when it was first released, but I put that down to it coming to the UK so long after the states release. And no wonder so many people wanted to use it right away, it is such a fantastic line. Gorgeous quilt, beautiful fabric :-)

  2. I was quite late to the Pips party but it is very different and i love it - I also bought Little Apples charm pack and will be able to mix and match I think.
    The quilt is looking great so far, I am very fond of all the square in square blocks about.Have a look on Moda bake shop for ideas to use charm packs.

  3. The blocks look great, I totally agree it would be a shame to cut into the cute patterns and the borders really show them off, I love the colours and a great choice for a boy! I agree with Sheila, Moda bake shop has good patterns :)

  4. I love the way you are getting a boy quilt out of Pips. I never thought to try that.