12 October 2011

Blogtober fest day 12

Wednesday is my day off work.  Last week, having spent the day doing my chores as quickly as possible, I spent most of the day sewing.   I was going to make "Moroccan Chicken" for tea, but I found one already in the freezer, so I defrosted that instead.  I had made it, just a few weeks ago!   Because of this my dear husband was very sarcastic about me "Having a busy day".  I ended up justifying how I had spent the day.  I was a bit put out to say the least.   I don't much mind what I do on a Wednesday, but I do like to decide.

So today, I wrote him a list

  1. Walked the dogs
  2. sorted the recycling
  3. Tidied the kitchen
  4. Emptied and defrosted the old freezer
  5. Did the filing.
  6. Finished sorting out my new sewing room
  7. Disinfected the dustbin
  8. Ordered some fabric
  9. Put away all my summer clothes and got out the winter ones (boo hiss)
And I presented him with the list.

I don't expect any smart ass comments next week!

PS I did get some sewing done too!


  1. Himself once asked me what I did with my day when the girls were really little. I told him I sat and watched telly all day while eating chocolate bonbons. What the (beep) did he think I did? He stopped asking.

  2. That's him told then!
    Altho I like Susan's better.

  3. Great idea, but Susan's sounds bloody brilliant!

  4. laughing my arse off here . Too funny!

    Yep-Love what Susan said. Mr. P would ask if there were any bon bons left over...