02 October 2011

Blogtoberfest day 2 or Yipppeeeeeeee

So most of you guessed what I was doing yesterday.  No prizes though coz it was a bit obvious.   I have gone from this

to this

You can just about make out the fabric in the glass cupboard
and from this

to this

Yay!!! I have my own sewing room.   Well, it still partly a study, but now that we both have our own laptops, the computer went into work where it was much needed, and the Boss gave me permission to move in!   It did involve a huge trauma though, because in order to make room for the fabric, I had to re-organise everything and that meant getting rid of a lot of "stuff".  I have to admit I am a hoarder and maybe I didn't need 6 years worth of Gardners World mags, or a copy of the Telegraph special editions from every Royal Wedding, Diana's Death, 9/11, the cards to my dad when my mum died, and a hundred weight of books that travelled a thousand miles across Europe with us, but then I haven't looked at since.   You know the kind of stuff.   Well it's gone.  That was what was in the back of the car, to be dropped off at the tip on Monday.   But it was traumatic and I am in need of serious councelling.  The only reason I managed it was because it was to my benefit and I now have a sewing room.

And what was the first thing I did in my new study.  Made a really crappy Farmers wife block.  I'm not even going to grace it with a photo, it was so bad.   And it was only HST's which I would've thought by now I could make a reasonable job of.   But no.  That's now in the bin bags too.

So now you know - don't mess with me!

PS - can anyone tell me, or point me towards a good tutorial, for getting a button in the body of a post.  It's on the side bar, but I can't get it in the text.


Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

Yessss.  Thanks to Sarah, I now have the button in my post!


  1. Yay well done! I am a hoarder too!

  2. Love that you've got your own wee sewing studio now! And for button in post, copy button code, switch from compose to html, paste in code, switch back to compose. Make sense? Well done on the clear out - I find them painful too!

  3. I saw a programme once where the folk were hoarding and finding it hard to let go of stuff, maybe having belonged to loved ones.......the suggestion which I have always remembered was to create a box, or a hamper with a few key, sentimental pieces.

  4. You've got your own sewing room. Am I allowed to be happy for you at the same time as hugely jealous?!

  5. Congratulations on your very own sewing room, now you can spread out and be creative all you like!