20 October 2011

Die, bunting, die

This is a strange title I know, but as I was browing a few blogs today, as you do, I came across quite a lot of bunting.


From Violet WHite

From crochet with Raymond

bunting necklace
A bunting necklace even

I really liked bunting - I don't have any, save a few Christmassy owls, because I really can't see Gordon putting up with it.   It's been the "in thing" for a while now, but I am beginning to wonder if it's been done to death.   Is it no longer trendy because everyone has it?   Is it getting to be a little twee?   Do we need to move on, and if so, what will replace it?  What do you think about bunting?


  1. I think bunting is cute (maybe a bit twee) but I don't have any in my home. I don't think hubby would tolerate it. I wouldn't mind having some in my studio if it were the right one!

  2. I like it I think it is cute! But no I haven't got round to making any so I have none at home!

  3. Hmmmm dont want any for my house. Wouldnt mind making it for someone else though, looks easy enough and quite fun for experimenting!

  4. I made some for the girls a few years ago but it was for their (at the time) shared bedroom or outside. Not for my sitting room, thank you. Love the post title, by the way!!!