10 October 2011

Farmers wife

Have we all forgotten about the old farmer's wife, because I haven't seen that  many posts about her recently.    I had abandonded over the summer, but the visitors have slowed down,the weather has deteriorated, and the garden doesn't need much attention, so I have some time for the old dear now.  

These are the three good ones that I've done

On the left is number 86 Squash Blossom.   It's turned out really well in the end, although one of those seams did take some perseverence.  Last night I was getting on really well with it - man and machine in perfect harmony.   But I thought it would be better to quit whilst I was ahead, before it all went wrong.   Then I went back to it this afternoon, and of course nothing went well.  But anyway, it's finished.  The bottom one is number 53, Jackknife, and the one on the right is number 20, Churn Dash.

This one didn't make the cut though

It doesn't look so bad here.  But trust me those seams are not flat, they're not straight,and nothing meets were it should.  It's history!

How are you all getting on with the Farmers Wife?


  1. Blocks look great. I am on the brink of divorce from the farmer.

  2. I didn't jump into this one but it did make me revisit a similar style UFO........well I took it out of the drawer and put it back in......

  3. Well done you for remembering about the poor old farmer... I read his book but found him a bit too sharp and pointy ;-)

  4. Your blocks are lovely and inspiring me to meet up with the farmer again and get back to making blocks for the fall. I think that the summer was just too fun to keep up with all the sewing, but now it is getting darker and colder already. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration!