07 October 2011

Favourite things Friday

It's rained all day today, so when we left work this afternoon, my husband suggested we go shopping - yes, willingly.   The aim was to buy a new folding up/down/over bed for the spare room/study/my sewing room.   We didn't actually find anything but we did end up in Ikea - which leads me on to my favourite thing.  IKEA.

I'm sorry if it's a bit naff to like IKEA but I do.  I admit that on a Saturday afternoon in early December at the store at Juncion 9 (or is it 10) on the M6, it's not the best shopping experience, but you're probably not even likely to get into the car park then.  But on a Friday in october in Brno, it's a pleasure.   I love all those little rooms that look so beautfiul, and the staff are in there polishing away..       Oh and those big yelllow bags!   And for the price, most of the stuff in there is very good value.   And they have such lovely Christmas dekkies.   I love it that I don't have to think about - they are leading me around the store, telling me what I really want to buy.   I love it that you go in with the intention of buying one thing, but find that there are 15 other things that you simply can't live without.  But today we got in and out with only one small purchase.    A real billy bargain I think

For the equivalent of just £2.75, $4.25 or Euro 3.20 I got this

1 metre of Chritmassy fabric that I hope will be the back of my Modern Christmas table runner, and the inspiration for the front. 

I'm proud to stand up and say,  love IKEA.  Please, hop over to  Quilting in my Pyjamas to check out other peoples Friday favourites


  1. Oouuu, I adore Ikea, it's my Aladdins cave. If I'm feeling down, I head to ikea, buy a few things and then I'm happy again. I'm so happy that ikea is building the biggest store in Australia very close to where I live, hurray! I'm passionate about textiles, designing and making children,s clothes and of course my beautiful grandson. Pop over to my blog and check me out. This is my first blogtoberfest.

  2. I love IKEA too. It panders to all my likes - bargains, fabrics, and storage... there's no such thing as a room that couldnt benefit from a trip to Ikea. Amazed you came out of there with ONE thing. How is that possible? You didnt even get a gingerbread house kit?? They're awesome....

  3. I also love Ikea, and that fabric is super.so....Swedish!

  4. Guilty as charged here too! And I agree with everything you say. I always go there for one thing and come home with a ton more. I dont care if it's naff- I love Ikea too.

    Swedish Ikea Meatballs...yum. I love those too!

    Dammit - now Im suffering from Ikea withdrawal...

  5. I love Ikea items but don't enjoy the huge space. I get lost...maybe thats just an old lady thing. I do love their picture frames and fluffy bath sheets. Your fabric is lovely.

  6. I am an Ikea fan and always go before Christmas because they get such great stuff in for the holidays. Love that fabric!