29 October 2011

From my window.....

I have to admit that on day 29 of the Blogtoberfest, I am running short of things to blog about.   Not enough happens in my little life to make an interesting post every day.  So this is a bit of a cheat to fill an empty space.  I've seen it on a few blogs now, and it gives you a small snapshot of my life here.  Hope you find it of interest.

From my window I can see the herb garden which I attacked today - the tarragon is now a lot smaller than it was this morning, and the old thyme has been replaced by a couple of it's babies

I am thinking why my tooth is still hurting after several visits to the dentist, a root canal filling, and a promise from the dentist that it wouldn't hurt again.

From my kitchen later on tonight will be a chinese meal cooked by my husband

I am wearing my old gardening cords and an old polo neck jumper

I am creating the border for my Christmas Table Runner - second attempt.   I have just cut the good end off, instead of the excess

I am going to take my husband to hospital tomorrow to have a camera stuck down his throat.  Only in the czech republic would this take three days.  In the UK, they need the beds too much!

I am reading a czech crochet pattern book that I bought today.  The picture on the front looked OK, but oh dear, the rest prove why crocheted clothes for adults should never happen.  I'll show you some one day.

I am hearing a crappy american film which my husband is watching on the horror channel.  "I'm never going to get these callouses off my fanny!"( Dear UK readers, I belive fanny means bottom in the U.S.)

Around the house  there are animals asleep everywhere

One of my favourite things Just off for a shower in our en-suite bathroom.  I've never had one before we moved into this house, and for the first few weeks, it was like living in a hotel!   And the shower is the bestest shower in the whole wide world.  Honest!

A photo that bring happy memories

That's me on a horse at 5.00 am in the middle of Wyoming, waiting for 1000 cows to come my way. (the ranch manager said to stop them going past me.  Errrr excuse me please, could you stop, please?) 


  1. Not a cheat post at all! Fascinating :-) Might do one myself... lol

  2. Well, I enjoyed reading it! Hmmm, what does that say about MY life?? Looking forward to seeing your new/fixed table runner!

  3. Love your favorite! My favorite is your photo w/caption. Did you stop those cows? Happy FTF! ☺

  4. That was very interesting, in a good way! I enjoyed reading it too.

  5. So? Did you manage to stop the cows? Loved the details about your life. Hope the camera action is going well and everything is okay!

  6. loved this random post. Good wishes for hubby. I've had that camera before. The photo at the end is nice, too