17 October 2011

Holiday, holiday, holiday time

Woo hoo.  I'm soooo excited.  We have a week in Egypt booked in November.  A friend here in  Czech once said to me, why have a holiday in summer when the weather here on summer is so nice, book something in Winter.  A good idea we thought, so last year we had a week in Sharm el Sheik, (or Sharm el Shark as it came to be known when someone was eaten by a shark there the week after we were there!) 

Un-beknowns to me, Gordon's sister and husband had booked too, and were there at the hotel waiting for us when we arrived.   We had a great time with them, so this year we asked them if they were interested in joining us.  But her husband, who is Welsh (but we don't hold that against him!) was hoping to ge to New Zealand to watch Wales in the Rugby World Cup Final.   Unfortunately, that dream came to a sad end on Saturday, when Wales lost to France.   So they then said they'd like to join us in Egypt.  It's a bit late, and the only choice they had was through the company who booked our holiday.  That means they have to come over to us first, then we all travel from Vienna.  But it means they will be able to join us.

For many people, a holiday is chance to grab a little time together,  But for us, we are together all day every day.  We work together, and are fairly isolated here without family, or too many friends, so we very much rely on each other for company.  So a week with friends and/or family is a big plus for us.

So here's to swimming, relaxing, diving and drinking!

Woo hoo.  Can't wait.


  1. Wish I could come too. I'd do some of the swimming, relaxing and drinking - with a fair bit of eating thrown in. But no diving. On the not to do list for me. No big mountains and no scuba - one little slightly malformed bit of heart and they close the door on that for you. Hmmmff! Though I am very happy to float on the surface and look at pretty fish, or observe the sharks feeding!!

  2. Sounds good! Good plan to go in winter!

  3. Egypt is intriguing to me, hope that you have a fantastic holiday :)

  4. Sounds like a great holiday, and a very good plan to go in winter.