31 October 2011

Lonesome tonight

I'm all on my Jack Jones this evening as Gordon is in hospital for a few days having a camera put down his throat.  He was such a sad little figure when I left him there yesterday afternoon (and he's a big bloke too).  It was our first sight of the inside of a Czech hospital.   The building is OK, and seems clean, but the equipment is like something off "Carry on Doctor" (1959). 

I think this is the very bed that Gordon has!
And he was stuck in a bed, barely big enough for him, between two czechs talking at the top of their voices.  If there was a world championship for talking loudly, and fast, then the Czech would win no problem.   But he did cheer up when a pretty blond doctor appeared who spoke quite good English.

Unfortunately, over here you're not allowed to visit on the day of the op. so he won't see a friendly face today (although, I must say, the nurses were really all very nice, and being English, he had a slight celebrity status).  And I should be able to get him out tomorrow morning at around 9.00 so he'll be back home soon enough.

In the meantime, today is the 31st October, in case you didn't know.   Over here, Halloween isn't a very big thing, thank goodness.   I never grew up with halloween, and not having any kids, I've never really seen the point.   Bah, Humbug!!! 

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

But the 31st of October is the last day of the BLOGTOBERFEST.  HOOOOOORRRAAYYYYY.
I feel as if there should be a fanfare or something.  Is there a party?  A bottle of champagne?  When do I get my medal?  I'm happy to report that I have managed to blog every day - I'm not being smug or showing off or anything, but I am very satisfied.  I'm just one of those sad people who have to be in control of something. It's been  hard thinking of something interesting (? you may disagree that I achieved this) to write about every day and it has taken a lot of time.   But I am showing improvements on both fronts.  I have learnt not to agonise over every work, every phrase, until I think it's just right  I would've still been doing day 5 now! .  Also for the first time ever, my husband has shown an interest, helping me to find topics to ramble about.   I have some new followers too - not many but all welcome, and I have found some great new blogs to follow.  So all in all, a great success on my part.  No doubt normal service will be resumed, and I'll be posting less frequently.  But thanks to you all for sticking with me

Oh I fogot to add that there was a 2.2  magnitude earthquake about 50 kms away from here today.  I didn't feel anything, but it's news to be that we have then.  Thankfully there is no chance of tsunami this far away from the sea!


  1. Yay congrats on managing to blog every day! I have no idea how you managed it!

    I hope your husband is back home safe and sound soon!

  2. Yay! Huge congrats on completing Blogtoberfest! Hope hubbys op goes okay, and that you get some sewing time if you're on your todd! Well done, raising a virtual glass to toast your blogskills :-)

  3. Great going for blogging every day. Maybe they should run the opposite sort of bloggerfest for those like me who can't shut up!

    Hope Gordon is all nice a chirpy in the morning and happy to be home, not pining after the nurses.

  4. Yay for sticking to blogging every day for the month. It was interesting, even if you didn't think so. I'd find it very hard to think of something to blog about every day.