16 October 2011

Sweet Potatoes

Hi.  Do you remember these little sputniks?

These are sweet potates which I set up in February in the hope that they would produce me some mini sweet potato plants.   Unfortunatley they were a bit dissapointing, as I only got two shoots. 

But I potted them up and they went out into the  garden in June, nesting in with the tomatoes, sharing their watering system.

Finally, this weekend, the time came to lift them, as the first frosts were forecast, and we had a curry planned.  And look what we got

We are so pleased with these.  In fact Gordon told our visitor that the curry was made using very special sweet potates.  Truthfully, I think they taste much the same as another when they are in a curry.  But that's not the real point.   It's just that we have managed to grow these ourselves.  From sputnik, to small shoot, to growing plant to tasty produce.  You really can't beat it!

My frend in England tried to grow some this year.  I must give her a call and see how she got on.