18 October 2011

What a day

Today was a first for me - the first time I have had a tooth drilled and filled WITHOUT ANAESTHIC! Yes, it's true.  But before you think I'm super woman, I will add that this was the final stage of a root canal filling (Gosh, I've heard that so many times on American telly programmes, but never thought I'd get to say it myself!) and the tooth no longer has any nerves, and so, no feeling.   But it was wrong, totally wrong in every way.   I was waiting for the pain to hit me and for me to hit the ceiling.  But it didn't.    Just  a bit when he drilled right up into the top of my head to fit the post.   So do I get my brave little soldier badge?

Then I drove Gordie to the airport in Vienna - always a bit stressful, but no wrong turns today!

And now I have 2 days with no responsibilities, other than walking the dogs, and feeding all of us.  So this afternoon I've tried to make some progress on my Modern Christmas Table Runner.   I'm trying to use this as a reason to push myself to do things outside my comfort zone.

So we have the borders

Paper pieced, no less.  I've got this sussed now.  All you have to do is, before you start, remove your head and re-fit it upside-down and back-to-front.   It's easy peasy then.  

Here's one I made earlier

I was quite slow at first - one side of 4 points took me a whole rugby world cup semi final.   I speeded up and one longer side took me a rugby world cup semi-final plus a bit more.  Then I ran out of world cup semi-finals, so I'm not sure how long the other two sides took.   I was getting on really well, but pride comes before a fall.  On the last side I managed to iron the sellotape holding the paper pieces together, I sewed one piece on  upside down, m cut through the paper template and cut through the main piece when trying to trim the excess!  But it's finished now thank goodness.  I will try paper piecing again, but it will have to be a bit more challenging than just a row of points, repeated endlessly.  It got very boring.

I've also tried out a bit of applique, which also went quite well.

This is the first try on some ugly fabric!

Actually the ugly fabric worked quite well,  but it is more orangey than it looks here, and orange doesn't figure in the table runner. I really like that embroidery though.  It would be even better if it was straight!

And another test piece using real fabric

But that thread needs to be a contrasting colour - maybe pale green?

Sorry about the threads. I was in  such a sweat to record my success, I clean forgot to make it look tidy.  Ah well, it's only practice.

So, I have a full day tomorrow which I can potentially devote to sewing.   You watch something come and rain on my parade!


  1. Well I hope nothing does come and rain on your parade tomorrow. Applique is cute! I have yet to try paper piecing, but have heard bits about this upside down back to front business which loses me just reading about it!

  2. Lock the doors and take the phone off the hook. Better chance of not getting disturbed then. Good luck and I hope you get the sewing time because I love the way this is looking for your runner.

  3. I hope you get to sew all day.
    How far do you live from the Vienna airport. We are going to be in Vienna for 3-4 days next July...maybe we can meet in person.
    I hope your tooth feels well. Mr. R and 2 sons are all dentists...so I know all the dental horror stories from their point of view. Ha!

  4. Fingers and Toes crossed nothins gonna rain on your parade :-) I've been trying the foundation paper pieceing too, and OMG the strops! How, how do people do it? Every bloody time I painstakingly work it out get the next fabric in place, sew - almost every time I flip fabric over to view rightsides, I've got the angle wrong and I'm flipping over a bit that now doesnt cover the top, or it leaves a gap at the bottom, or it suddenly doesnt cover the corner... Its a nightmare! I blame the triangles. natch.

  5. Good luck, hope you have a great uninterrupted day.
    I have exactly the same problem as Sarah when it comes to paper piecing. I almost always stuff up the size of the fabric and it's usually too small once I've flipped it over. Either that or I cut it way too big and waste so much.