04 October 2011

When shall we three meet again?

If I still lived in the UK, I would join every knitting group, crochet group, sewing group and book club I could find.  But I don't, so I have to made do.  This involved making my friends play pretend crochet groups  when they visit us!  Well no not really, they sort of walked into it unawares.  Liz's daughter is expecting a baby in December, and she casually asked what I was making for the baby.  So I showed her the Sherbet Pips Charm Pack I had, and explained I would be making a quilt.   Now I am used to people looking under-whelmed when I say this, but Liz looked crest-fallen.  Apparently her daughter is expecting something knitted (or crocheted).  So I got out all my patterns and books, and told her to pick something out!  Next thing I know I'm getting out some wool and crochet hooks and teaching them to crochet!   My idea of heaven!  A sunny day, and two captive students!   We started making this heart bunting, and they really got into it, even instisting we crochet at the pub:

There was a couple at the table behind, but we soon got rid of them!

Well we finished a heart each, and considering we were using the same wool, they each came out a little different

I was a bit miffed that Liz's, the green one, was better than mine!   Claire did the one in the middle , but to be fair, she has never crocheted anything before, so not a bad effort.   Flushed with success, they tackled a baby beanie hat each.

I don't think further words are needed!   Other than thanks for a fab week, and loads of fun crocheting1


  1. you can still wear shorts there? Must be a nice mild fall, I want to learn to crochet more than a granny square.

  2. Never cracked crochet, impressed with your friends' efforts but not their underwhelmingnessosity at the prospect of a Pips quilt.

  3. Sounds like you've been having a great time :-)

  4. Crochet at the cafe. Love it!

  5. Love crochet but haven't touched it in ages. I should get back into it.
    What a great way to spend time together and having fun.