06 October 2011

Why Quiltova?

I've read recently a number of people taking in part in What's you name???  over at  As Sweet as Cinnamon.  It's been really fun and interesting reading the many reasons for blog names, so I thought I'd join in.

Although I'm English, we live in the Czech Republic.  When I first started sewing, it was because of all the wonderful fabrics I saw on the internet, and I wanted to buy them over here.  But the local shop just had the normal, "old fashioned" fabrics, and not that good quality either.  So I originally toyed with the idea of starting up a virtual shop selling modern fabrics, aimed at the Czech Market.  But when I did the research I found that local fabrics were on sale at about a third of the price that I would charge for the imported fabrics.   And as the Czechs are renowned for being "careful" with their money, it seemed unlikely I could sell the fabric here at a price that would cover the costs and make a reasonable return.  So I didn't take it further.  But I was looking for a name for my new venture.  Something that linked in with fabric, quilts, and the CZ.   It was my husband that came up with Quiltova - it's a made up word.   99% of women's surnames here end in -ova.  You take your father or husband's name and add ova.  So Quilt - ova.  Mrs Quilt!

Of course, when I started blogging there was no doubt about the name - Mrs Quilt.

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011


  1. May be as well the shop idea wasnt going to work, just think of all the lovelies you'd have had to force yourself NOT TO touch... torture, sheer torture! You'd be spending all your earnings ;-)

  2. what a lovely story behind your name! Nice to meet you from Blogtoberfest

  3. I agree it would have been horrendous having all that fabric to drool over and play with and not being able to use it. Good job you didn't start up that shop.

  4. I love your name story Dianne...or should I say Mrs Quilt!