14 October 2011

Winter Draws On

I don't exactly have a favourite season, I love them all, but I really do love the changes between winter and spring , and summer and autumn.   The changes are so noticeable.  The trees and hedges either bursting into new grown, or packing themselves up for winter.  I'm in the garden either busy sewing seeds, or putting everything to bed.  I even love getting out my winter or summer clothes and putting my old stuff away.  

Autumn arrived very suddenly here in CZ.  It usually does.  We had a wonderful end to the summer, with temperatures rarely getting below 25 during the day since the end of August.  As at last Thursday it was still 25 degrees C, and we were sitting having a beer on the patio.  However come Friday, it all went horribly wrong - suddenly it was 12 deg C, and pouring with rain.  And that was that, end of the summer,  It's rained a lot since then, and although the sun has re-appeared, it's now only 10 degrees.

But I really don't mind.  Because it means that last night, for the first time this autumn,  we had one of these

And I can sit knitting or sewing with my feet toasting, and the smell of wet dog roasting in front of it.

(The dog is wet because she rolled in something undescribably disgusting this afternoon, and had to be hosed down)

And I can get my lovely duffle coat out again, and all those big thick jumper and cardigans.

I'm laughing because he just had to get the slippers in the photo!

And I can get my quilt out, to curl up under on the settee

And we can eat lots of stews, and soups and curries.

And I can look into peoples houses as I walk the dog around at dusk, just before they close the blinds.  What?  Every-one does this don't they?

And I can look forward to the snow, and skiing.

So I really am a happy bunny at the moment.   I'll be fed up with it by February, but then I can start looking forward to spring!

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  1. Lovely photo of you! I love autumn. It's winter that sucks!

  2. You've made me pine for cold weather now. I really miss having lovely cold days to rug up in winter clothes. I think I need a dose of cold weather, although probably two weeks of it and I would have had enough. It was really humid here yesterday, it's too early for summer!

  3. Brilliant photo of you! The change in seasons obviously suits you! And wow your woodburner is super cool!

  4. I like Autumn too . Not too hot and not too cold although Spring is my favourite season.

    The first fire is always really lovely and I like discovering my autumn/winter wardrobe again.(Yay ! Now I know what you look like !)Cute slippers.

    I love autumn food too.

    Great FTF ...Loved hearing about your fall favourites.

  5. oh so cosy!! I love that duffel coat, great colour :)

  6. I love the autumn food too! Stews and soups and apple crisps .. thanks for sharing.