23 November 2011

Gee, but it's great to be back home!

Just got back from a week's hols in Egypt.   Fortunately no problem with any riots, just a lot of wind.   Provided you could hunker down in a sheltered spot, it was lovely.   No washing, no housework, no work.  What more could I ask.  There are hundreds of photos of nothing very much - I'm taking bribes not to show them all to you!  What is it worth?

The animals seem rather pleased to be home too

Funny how the little dog gets the big bed and everyone else is on the smaller one!

Not much to report whilst we were away, other than my freinds daughter, who was due to have a baby around about the 10th December, had him on the 15th November.   Ruairi came 4 weeks early and was still 7 1/2 lbs.  He would've been a monster had he gone full term!   The early arrival left me with my proverbial pants round my ankles, as none of the planned goodies were ready.   I have, however, managed to get the Pips quilt top pieced today.

But I hadn't got around to ordering the batting, thinking I had plenty of time, so I ordered it today, and will have to wait for it's arrival.  I supposed I could get on with the binding.

I also managed to 3/4 finish a little crocheted romper suit whilst I was away.  The pattern called for 4 balls, so I bought 5 just in case, and now I need that 5th ball, can I find it anywhere?  Nope.  Photos to follow.

Off to search for that ball of wool now.  Nice to be back!


  1. your Pips quilt top is looking very cheery. It will be loved, I am sure.

  2. Good to have you back Dianne - love the Pips quilt and it's pretty much exactly what I am planning - hope you don't mind!!

  3. Missed you, though glad you had a good holiday. The quilt top looks fab!

  4. Glad you had a good holiday. Love that pips quilt!