27 November 2011

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

Unfortunately, at approximately at about 2.15 pm today, my computer stuck it's virtual thumb up it's virtual bottom and stopped working.   Gordons says I have been mixing with the wrong sort , and picked up some sort of disease!   I can borrow his little Acer notepad to access my blog and others, but at the moment, I have no idea how to access my e-mails, so please excuse me for not replying to your e-mails.  I can respond to you comments on my blog though, but who goes back to a post once read?  You could always send me a message on Flickr (quiltova).

The painting of the lounge is going well.   The main wall behind the fire is, well..... it's LOUD.    The first  coat is very streaky, but I hope think it's going to be OK.   We are going to need more mood lighting though!

On a more grumpy note - does anyone out there work for, or has a friend or family member who works for Ryanair.  If so, please could I very nicely ask you to go up to them and kick their ankles very hard.   Thank you!  Yesterday I booked a flight to the UK next March.  Unfortunately, I failed to notice that I had booked the flight for a Dianne Neak, not Dianne Neale.  I do know the implications of making a mistake on a Ryanair booking.   Basically you may as well give them a credit card and let them take anything they want.  But do you know how much it will cost me to correct the name?  On a flight that started off at 51 Euro, was 95 euro by the time I'd paid for a suitcase, and paid by credit card (what other way is there to pay?), the extra charge for correcting my name is 110 Euro.    No I haven't made a typo, it's 110 Euro.  It's cheaper to book another flight, which they probably bank on you doing.   Why is the original administration fee only 6 Euro, but to correct a name it is nearly 20 times more expensive. Now I accept I stupidly made a mistake, which I must pay for, but 110 Euro - they really do take the p**s.  I hate Ryanair, and the way they conduct business.  If I could use another company I would.  I hate them.  I don't use them because they're cheap, but because, where I live,  there is really is no choice, other than not flying at all.   Thank you for listening, I feel very slightly better for venting my spleen! 

So I'm off now to sulk a bit longer!


  1. Pour yourself that glass of rioja and take a deep breath. That is disgusting of Ryanair. I made a mistake on a booking with an airline that no longer exists to get John to Sweden and phoned them (in the Netherlands I think) as soon as I had pushed the send button and realised I had made the mistake and they were great. Moments later a very nice mand said it was all sorted and booked the way I had wanted it. It is NO effort on their part so Ryanair is taking the piss and taking advantage of human error. B*****ds! (There now, I have had a rant for you - does that feel better?)

  2. are you on Twitter? just tweet @ryan air sucks. You will be contacted immediately. That's what I did with Delta airlines and they are handling a case I am upset about. Good luck!

  3. That's just ridiculous ! I'd contact them and get them to sort it out free of charge. Idiots.

    The first coat is always streaky....

  4. Wow, that is just silly. Rant all you need to. I am assuming they are the only game around and don't care about public relations at all. There is no charge for such things on the Canadian airlines.