13 November 2011

A walk in the park

We took the dogs for a lovely walk last weekend.  The sun was shining, the autumn colours were splendid, and I was able to do some serious leaf kicking!

Here's a few photos

Are we going yet?

Have you ever seen grapes growing on trees?

Ship shape and ready for winter

All those leaves, just waiting to be kicked!

Already kicked!
The only thing with photos is that you can't share the wonderful autumny, damp, fusty smell.


  1. beautiful...do you have a vineyard, too?

  2. homesick :-( Make sure you kick some leaves for me! (and give Liska a big cuddle for me....its the headtilt that does it)

  3. Thanks for the virtual walk. I've never seen grapes growing on trees. The golf course we live near is talking of planting grape trees, perhaps these are what they mean.

  4. oh my! how beautiful! cute cute cute puppies too!