19 December 2011

A bit of this and a bit of that

Although there has been no evidence of it on my blog, I have actually been doing a fair bit of sewing recently.   Towards the end of last week I finished my boys Pips quilt, which I am really pleased with and even Gordon thinks it's nice.

I did a simple quilted line across the diagonals, and then a diamond pattern on the border.  This was a template in a book I have, but instead of using this, I measured it out, and did a "dot-to-dot" with my dissappearing pen.  This is the first time I've been brave enough to use it because it's purple, and it's very scary drawing all over your nice white fabric in purple felt tip pen!   But it did fade.

This label took me forever to do.  I had to have at least 1000 goes at doing the writing before I could get it right. 

I eventually got a good one, then Gordon told me you couldn't see it in white and I should do it again in a bolder colour..   Reluctantly, I had to agree.   This time the bloody machine decided to throw a wobbly and sewed a bit knot.      

Then I had to get a bone shape off the internet  becauses I can't draw for toffee.  And then I had to try several options for sewing it on.    Actually I reverted to my test piece which I did for my Christmas table runner.  This is becoming a work of art in itself!  I actually like the process of doing a practice piece.  I rarely end up doing what I first thought of.
He has got a point about not being able to read the writing!
Anyway we finally decided on a blue blanket stitch, which looks pretty good I think.  You can still see the purple pen which I used to keep the lines straight, but I hope it will fade.

The only thing I don't have is a name for it.   I'm going to send it off after Christmas now - I don't want it to get lost in the pre-Christmas post.

What else?   Oh yes.  Remember this?

The Dresden That Was Bigger Than Anyone Expected.   Having cocked up the corners and the quilting, I decided to make it into a cushion (or pillow).  I failed miserably to find a circular cushion inner, so about 6 weeks ago I made one myself.   Finally I thought it was about time I finished it, so came up with an amazingly brilliant plan to do two half dresdens either side of a central zip.

Oops - got the wrong photo - never mind eh.  She's cute - she can stay

Get the idea?   Well it was at this point I decided this was a really naff idea and went out and bought some green polka dot fabric instead!   To be continued................

Then I've been playing with a bit of paper piecing

It doesn't look it but that centre piece is blue.   I can't reveal any more just yet as it's secret squirrel..

And finally I started a cushion for my friends little boy who is a space cadet.

It needs a few planets and stars around it, and a few jets coming out of the engine, and bobs your uncle.  This one has the big Thumbs Up from Gordon!

I have also cut up some Melly and Me to make a quilt for one of the many babies due next year.

I'm going to make a D9P with them, keeping the blue as the centre block all the way through.   I don't really know any more than that at the moment.  (Just noticed the trivet on the picture - God I'm rubbish at this)

What I'm actually trying to do here, is to produce as many UFO's as poss before Christmas so that I can join in with Rhonda's  2012 finish along!   I don't have many UFOs (well not sewing ones, plenty of crochet, knitting and embroidery) and I didn't want to be left out in the cold!

Well must go now - line dancing tonight. It's been a long post.  Well done for getting to the end.!


  1. Oh Wow, you have been busy. Everything looks great.

  2. I chuckled all the way to the end - it was the doggy pic that did it. Still to start my Pips Boy quilt - got all the fabric and the layout (which looks astonishingly like yours)just need a bit of time now.

  3. Oh wow! You really have been busy :-O Pips is looking fab, as is the rocket. And Liska too!

  4. I would say you have been doing a bit of sewing...lol. I need to start working on my list too. then I need to decide what I want to work on during the first quarter...hmmmm maybe I will think on that tomorrow.

  5. I think that is a lot of this and a lot of that! Looks like you have been very busy.
    The Sherbet Pips quilt is gorgeous, love the label on the back. The rocket is fantastic.
    I think you were insane when you thought of joining the two half Dresden's with a zip :-0

  6. Fab quilt, and all the other makes but I am worried. The interest he is taking I think you may find Gordon in your stash one day telling you he just wants to try making something simple!

  7. These are all wonderful projects and the quilt is lovely! I too have been looking at the ufos for the FAL - I am afraid to count them all up, not need to make more.