30 December 2011

Bloggers Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

Like just about everyone else, I couldn't resist making up my own fat quarter bundle for the competition over at Quokka quilts.  My first thought was that I would fry my brain, trawling through the Fat Quarter Shop, somehow narrowing it down to 15 fabrics, and then trying to make a mosaic.  I tried to join Pinterest but they very kindly put me on their waiting list.  What's all that about?  Sorry pal, moved on.  

Anyway, long story, short, etc,  Susan (Canadian Abroad) put me right and approximately 3 hours later I was just about ready to go when I realised I'd played the numpty card.  Not written down any of the fabrics had I?  So another hour later, here it is in it's full glory.

And the line up is
1.   Primativa Plum and Lavender Wavy Reed Stripes - SKU# 5528-P
2.  Stella Light Orange Solid - SKU# STELLA-SOLID-LTORANGE
3. Pear Tree Olive and Cream Allover Eggs - SKU# 5554-E
4.Curio Asparagus Camellia - SKU# 30274-15
5.Bohemian Soul Terra Tribal - S KU# BOH-506
6.Michael Miller Jewel Cotton Couture Solid - SKU# SC5333-JEWE-D
7.Ooh La La Lime Coeur De Fleurs -  SKU# DC5196-LIME-D
8.  Hyperreal Garden Cashmere Illusion - SKU# HG-7408
9.Modernology Deep Posh Florets - SKU# MO-3808
10. Kona Cotton Lime - SKU# K001-1192
11. Power Pop Strawberry Big Star - SKU# PWJM056-STRAW
12.Domestic Bliss Eggplant Beaded Curtain - SKU# 18077-11
14.  Power Pop Strawberry Pinkerton - SKU# PWJM057-STRAW
15.  Girls World Vibe Magenta Carrie - SKU# PWJP058-MAGEN

I would also like to thank all of the other fabrics that auditioned and didn't make it through to the final 15.  I'm not sure that those solids are the right colour in real life, but they do the job on screen.

In order to get me through this, I had to FOCUS.   So, I took the opportunity to gather together some fabrics to make that all elusive "Quilt for my own bed".   You know, the one you're always going to make, but never seem to do because your too busy making for other people, or the lastest bee or swap.

Here's the curtain material in my bedroom. 

This was a good find.  Czechs don't do curtains much - it's all nets (aaarggghhhhh), shiney stuff from the seventies and venetian blinds.   I have the blinds, but I still like curtains to soften the room - I know I don't have to explain this to most of you, but in our house, the word curtain is always followed by an explanation of why we need them  It's just habit.   One day it will sink in! I hope I've chosen fabrics for the quilt that really blend in with the curtains.   And if I won (no chance - I can't even win a random draw, let alone one that invloves a modicum of skill)  I truly will make this quilt. Honestly.  Just after I've finished the 4 baby quilts I have to do, the two I have promised for friends .............................................

Good luck to all the other contestants, but honestly, mine is going to win!


  1. Really lovely bundle! Love the shapes in the fabrics too, how they all compliment each other so much... well done you!

  2. I love your choices. Now go show himself and then show him a link to the FQ Shop and how to go about buying them for you as a surpise!

  3. Really nice choices, Youve picked some great fabrics. I think Susan's idea is spot on.
    I'm glad I wasn't the only numpty!!!
    Good luck and Happy New Year.

  4. I love your choices! I've been lurking round spying all week and honestly I think everyone is doing an amazing job of picking fabrics.

    If hubby doesnt buy them for you , you should just buy them for yourself !

  5. I love your curtain fabric! Your bundle would match perfectly....but I hope I win! LOL They are giving away 3 bundles now so maybe we can both win!

  6. I love purple and green. Great mosaic!

  7. Good luck, those would make a lovely quilt for your own bed, lovely choices.

  8. Great job, mission accomplished! I had to look up "numpty card", new word, to me.

  9. Love your colours, they are gorgeous!

  10. Love your fabric bundle! Purple and green go so well together!

  11. Hi! You have picked really beautiful fabrics and I love your colours! They would make a wonderful quilt! Happy New Year!

  12. I think your color palette is great and like all your fabric choices, good luck.