07 December 2011

Breclav Patchwork club exhibition

I do love to see photos of all the quilting/sewing  exhibitions you all get to, but am usually jealous because I don't get the chance.   When I did live in England, I wasn't into quilting, so never attended any of the shows etc. But now I have to make the best of what is available.  I did make it to the Prague Patchwork exhibition in April, and just this week, a local group of quilters had an exhibition so I made sure I got to see it.

Firstly it is held in the synagogue.  It was built in 1868 and, like many buildings in Czech Republic was left to decay for 50 years.  It was restored  during the late eighties, and now houses a museum commemorating the Jewish community which was destroyed during WW2.  Here's a couple of photos - I'll swear I took more but, who knows where they went?

Secondly, I want to blow my own trumpet.   I am not a daughter of the technological age.  I get by.  I don't own an i-anything, and probably never will.  But for the first time in history, I've managed to take some decent phots on my phone, AND download them (or is it upload?).

Right, thirdly, here are a few photos of the exhibits.  The work is really good, in fact some of it is wonderful, but as you will see, everything seems a bit old fashioned to me.  I think this must be the fabrics used, because the patterns they are using are not much different to any of the basic patterns you and I use.  But this is what is available locally and compared to the price of American Fabrics in the UK, Czech fabrics are half the price.  But not the same quality.  The thread count is much lower and the fabrics are harder and don't drape so nicely

Anyway judge for yourself

Modern Christmas Table Runner - Apart from the Batik, this one works for me

Love this one

Fabric is a bit dull

Terrible lighting, but a lovely quilt

Very clever this one - based on a cathedral windows pattern

Love everything about this

Getting there, but the batting is big and fluffy and most likely polyester because this is the only stuff you can buy in the shops.

I think this is my favourite

Not seen anything like this before

Nice use of solids

I'd like to try this but I suspect it's paper pieced
Forget the colour, just look at those stars. Each one is no more than an inch high.   They look almost woven

Very modern, but still those batiks
Ignore the thumb.  Isn't it pretty?

I spent a really nice half hour there, and the ladies were very friendly.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them, I'd love to know what you think

Now I've got to gather the courage to contact them and go to one of their meetings!   Eeek!


  1. Its like you say, loads of nice patterns, and beautifully, immaculately done - just not the most interesting of fabrics! And the polyester wadding doesnt drape quite as well. But ooooh, wait till you turn up at their meeting :-)

  2. You are right - there is a lot of beautiful work there and not everything is dull.

  3. Great quilting with not some of our preferred fabrics. You join up and take in your stuff and show them a brave new world. Their skill with different fabrics - oh, the possibilities!

  4. There are some really nice pieces. Considering what you say about the area shops, these are pretty cool. The workmanship looks fabulous.

  5. Some amazing work there! Like you said you can always use different fabrics :)

  6. I agree. Lovely workmanship in the quilt, just not very exciting fabrics. You have to go to one their meetings.

  7. Arghh, I meant quilts - plural.

  8. I agree, Czech fabric are dull. So that I fall in love with scraps.