17 December 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I'm sorry this is on a Saturday not a Friday, but I felt so shitty last night, I couldn't be bothered to do anything and went to bed at 9 oclock.   But I didn't want to miss the last one of the year, so I hope you don't mind it being a bit late.

What else could I have on the last one of the year, but my Christmas Tree?   We don't have such a big Christmas as most of you - Christmas her is a little more, shall we say subdued, than in the UK or the States.   It's far more traditional and way less commercial.   Traditionally the tree only goes up on Christmas Eve, after the big Christmas Meal (carp I'm afraid, something I cannot deal with).  But I carry on my English traditions and put the tree up last weekend with the help of friends who were staying here.

Oops, chopped the top off!   Told you I wasn't on form

I'm afraid I'm not colour co-ordinated - the decorations on my tree are just what I've accumulated over the years.  To go for a single colour now, I'd have to throw away my treasured baubles.  Here are some of them

I remember this one on our tree at home when I was little

I bought this one with my mum when I was 7 or 8.  You'd need a mortgage to afford it now!

I bought this one in Germany on holiday one year

A gift from my mum from America

I have two or three very old ones that belonged to my gran

This old boy has seen better days.  There was a time when he had a beautiful tail.  He also had a couple of birdie mates that have long since died and gone to heaven!

And this is my latest addition from my partner in the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap.

I was going to show you a picture of my outside tree, but the wind blew it over last night!   

We're off drinking this afternoon.  I know that sounds awful, but we are.  Our friend, Malcolm, has some free tickets for the wine salon which is in the cellars under the chateau, and he is treating us.   This means that we have around 1 and a half hours to "taste" as many of the best wines in the country as we can.  We're taking a bit of food with us to "soak up" some of the wine, but I guess you'll get no sense out of either of us tonight! You'll probably hear the snores from our sofa where you are!

Lastly thanks to Shay at Quilting in my Pyjamas for hosting Favourite Things Friday.   I've really enjoyed sharing my fave things with you, and vice versa!  Looking forward to 2012.



  1. Love your decorations, it's so nice to look at each one and bring back memories for you.

    Sounds like fun this afternoon. Have one (or two) for me will you please. I think some very fast sipping should be in order, after all it's only an hour and a half.

    You don't like carp??? shock, horror, snigger!

  2. Love your decorations. All my family ones are in a box in Canada unfortunately. Have a fabulous time today! I would love to be with you and talking gibberish later on in the day too!

  3. Nice to see the tree in that corner - carp? - Yuk!
    Non commercial Christmas sounds quite appealing............enjoy your wine tasting..lol.

  4. The decorations are so pretty - many of them remind me of the ones my mum has, actually I think a couple are the same, we certainly have that second one - is it an elf? I always thought it was a clown growing up, which seems a bit odd now! Childhood ones are the best!
    I hope you enjoy getting drunk, I mean 'wine tasting'! :)

  5. Ah Di, you do make me laugh. Glass of milk before you go out now you hear?! Have fun getting blootered!

  6. Lovely tree, pretty decorations!

  7. Those are such beautiful decorations. I too have some from all kinds of people, old and new and I love putting them on the tree (and will be doing that today).

  8. I happen to love your little tree....my husband insists on picking out the fattest trees we could fit in our living room! Hope you're feeling better:)

  9. You have a small fortune in ornaments there. But more importantly, a plethora of memories. They are all lovely. How was the wine tasting? We always sneak food in for wine tasting too. I actually prefer food with wine, it makes it (the wine) taste better!

  10. That Christmas pudding is a real delight . And your vintage ornaments are so pretty!

    I hope your head isnt thumping. We went out for a work Christmas dinner last night and Im moving slightly slower today than usual , although I feel OK. Mr. P however is still in bed and is really going to feel like crap when he finally surfaces.

  11. Your tree is delightful! Beautiful ornaments. (And I'm glad to hear there is some places in the world that treat Christmas a bit more sanely than here in the States!)

    Have fun wine-tasting!

  12. Your tree is beautiful. I love a tree with a variety of memory laden ornaments. You have some truly gorgeous ones.

    I envy your traditional Christmas without all the commercialization.

    Enjoy your wine tasting evening. Sounds like fun!

  13. Hope you enjoyed the 'tasting'. Love the old ornaments. Trees have featured a lot this week in FTF. Have a lovely xmas.