01 December 2011

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap

I have recently taken part in this swap (MCTRS) organised by Susan Canadian Abroad.   And was I lucky or was I lucky?    On Tuesday this was waiting for me at the Post Office

It's place in the hall until Christmas Day

I had my eye on this little baby from the start.  These little elf booties just make my toes curl up with pleasure!  Just enough to fit in the boots actually!   When I opened my parcel, and realised what I had received, I did a little dance around the kitchen much to hubbies consternation.   Very nice, he said, but do you mind if I don't dance around with you!

And the hand work on this is beautifull.  No stitches are visible on the applique,and all the quilting is done by hand.   

Here it is on the dining table where it will have pride of place on Christmas Day.

It also came with some gorgeous little felt decorations - a christmas pud and a nativity scene - and a box of fudge, which my husband has his eye on, but isn't going to get any until Christmas!

So thank you very much partner, you have made me very happy.

I must say, all of the runners in this swap have been magnificent, and I would have been very happy with any of them.

My swap partner seemed very happy with her "bauble" table runner, which I understand is already hung up on the wall.  No chance of gravy getting to that one (I hope)!  I have thoroughly enjoyed trying new techniques (applique, paper piecing, machine embroidery) despite the disaster with the red border that wasn't colour fast.  Another lesson learned.   However, I will be very careful in future about what I take on because I found this became all-consuming, and I didn't get anything else done.   I think it's having the deadline.  I fret that I won't make it!

And finally, a big thanks to Susan for organising the swap.  She was firm, but fair!


  1. it is so cute! and oh my all of those hand stitches!! it sure was made with love! you better go ahead and eat that fudge though, i couldn't wait if it were me! :)

  2. Like Nicke I couldn't wait that long to get tucked into the fudge! Lovely tablerunner! I find the same problem with swaps!

  3. lucky girl. so cute. who made it?

  4. Very cute! You are a lucky girl!

  5. Bless - can you tell my girls I am 'firm but fair'?! Love those elf shoes, they make me smile every time I look at the runner and amazed by the quilting. So pleased you got this one.

  6. LOVE your swap giftie. It's gorgeous.

    I'm kicking myself that I didn't join in on this swap. I worried about the deadline and all the other things I had going on (which I ignored anyway!) I hope Susan does it again next year.

  7. Gorgeous! Elves are one of my favourite parts of Christmas!