29 December 2011

So that's that then

Hi folks.  Sorry for the long absence - truthfully I didn't feel much like spending time on the laptop over the Christmas period.   Could be that my nearest and dearest has dragged me out for long dog walks every day.

The one on Christmas day (after a bottle of champers for breakfast - between us) was a killer.   We've had a lovely Christmas - very quiet but that's fine with us.   We had our pork pie and champagne for breakfast,

then opened our pressies.  Santa brought me a little iron, just for me in my sewing room, and a new breadmaker.  The old one had burnt out it's circuit boards or something, and hadn't produced an edible loaf for ages, so I was rather pleased with it's replacement.  I've made one loaf so far, and it was perfect.   The lamb dinner, made by Gordon, was splendid, although we both agreed it was as nice, if not better, heated up with bubble anad sqeak next day.  (Bubble and Squeak is a fry up of all your left over vegetables - I think every country has it under a variety of different names).  I took a picture of my table, with it's new table runner, just waiting for the food.

I really must get rid of those crappy blue table mats - maybe I could make some new ones

And you'll be pleased to hear, not a drop of gravy was spilt on it.

We also had the ritual game of monopoly which I lost spectacularly in record time.   It's not fair, I never landed on any good ones.   We always remember my mum when we play Monopoly.  She hated it with a passion after she lost early on in a game that went on for hours!

I managed to get a bit of sewing done, but not a lot.  I also took the time last night to tidy my sewing room a bit.   My hand made pressies for my friend and her children went down well, although the head band is, as I thought, way too big and is back in the workshop for repair!

It was all too much for some of us  though

I'm off now to try and make a mosaic for the Blogger Choice Fat quarter bundle.   I could be gone some time, as they say!


  1. It took me forever and the help of Susan (Canadian Abroad) to get my mosaic done. It took so long I've kind of lost interest in it now.
    Sounds like you've been having a very nice time. It's never too early for champagne.

  2. Brilliant photos :-) Missing my gratuitous cutie Liska pic tho... Glad the table runner survived Gravy free!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful break and I love the pictures of your walks.

  4. Sounds like a perfect Christmas to me! I waited until the dinner was almost done before I tucked into the champagne - mostly because I knew that the turkey getting done would be at risk if I didn't hold off until the last!

  5. What a fun post. The mosaic took me forever, almost as long as choosing the fabrics! But, it was fun, and now I know how to do it when I'm not using my own photos.

  6. Great pics! Lots of walks sounds nice! And champers for breakfast is the key to a good day! :)

  7. My favorite champagne. I have to ask, how much is it there? Here is is $43 a bottle...I remember when it was $27 only a few years ago. Happy New Year!

  8. ha! so funny! cats just aren't made to party apparently!