06 December 2011

Welcome back, old friend

I've been without my old and faithful laptop all week.   It suddenly decided it wasn't going to connect to the internet.   So I took it to the laptop doctor, who tutted a lot and said he was going to have to uninstall everything and start again.  After a week (and a lot of money) here we are again, but with a little more RAM than we had before.  I hope that means something to you, because it doesn't me!      I have been managing this week with our little ACER notepad (which incidentally was free when we bought a lawnmower!)  but to be honest, it's so small I can hardly see it, and the touchpad doesn't work properly.  And although I have been able to see my e-mails, It's been on the main mail server, and it wasn't very user friendly.  Whilst I have been reading my mails,  I'm afraid I haven't answered many of them - apologies for that.   I have also been stalking may favourite blogs still, but because I didn't have Firefox on the acer, I haven't left many responses.

I have made some progress on the sewing front.  In fact, I managed to spend all of Sunday sewing, so have nearly finished my boys Pips quilt.  I've just got the binding to sew on.   I do need to think of a name for it, which also incidentally has to relate to a song title, or lyrics..

Right, I'm off to tidy up in advance of visitors due to arrive on Thursday.   Not much sewing will be done, but Rose is quite artistic, so her task is to help me with some tasteful Christmas decorations!  The guys will be on dog, walking and cooking.


  1. Can you send the guys over here when they are done dog walking and cooking and they can do child care and cleaning for me please!

  2. welcome back. Have fun decorating and crafting with your friend.

  3. And when they're finished at Susan's I'll have them here to do some gardening and painting.

    Pictures of the pips quilt please!

  4. Hope you get your laptop situation sorted! Glad you're getting some sewing done in the meantime, look forward to when we get to see!

  5. can't wait to see the pips quilt. so glad you are back in the saddle with your laptop. hope the extra ram helps... i think it is probably a scam... ;)

  6. Glad to hear your'e back up and running now.
    When they've finished at Shay's they can do some dog walking and gardening here.