24 December 2011

Itttt's Chriissssstmaaassss

Well it's almost here folks.  I do hope you have all calmed down a little now from the frantic preparations.  I must admit we don't have this pre-Christmas frenzy at Quiltova Towers.  Mainly because we have no kids and are away from the family.   Also we don't do many Christmas pressies in our respective families, because we decided years ago that we all spend way too much money on something people really don't want anyway.  There's still quite a respectable pile under the tree though.   We don't make things like mince pies and Christmas pud, because we can't get the ingredients, so we got some from M  & S weeks ago.   And there is a fairly well stocked freezer with a lovely piece of lamb in it, waiting to be defrosted today.   No turkey this year for the first time in years.  And a pork pie which my S-I-L brough over in November ready for breakkie tomorrow with a glass of bubbly.

I did make a few gifts for my friend Lenni and her children.   I know she really appreciates home-made gifts so I made her this ruched head band.  She has one which she has worn to death so hopefully this will be OK although I think it's a bit big and has too much fabric in it.  I think it works better with longer hair - you won't see me modelling it because it just looks stupid on me

It was really nice to do some ordinary sewing for a change, not quilting.  I have plans to make a top and skirt over the holiday period.  Well, at least I made the plan

No. 1 son loves anything do do with space, so I've made him a rockety cushion.

Details fo the tail flames

Rings around the planet
And finally I didn't make a presie for the little girl.  We were out for the day last week in Znojmo and I discovered another little patchwork exhibition.   I bought this little purse for her.

Before wrapping it up, I have taken a template so that I could make another one.  So these  pressies have gone off to their new homes - they will either be loved or destoryed within minutes (they are a little wild these children!)

The weather here is miserable.  It was foggy and mizzly yesterday, and looks like it is slightly less foggy and more mizzly today.   We're off for a nice (? in this weather?) walk with the dogs, then hunker down I think.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends - you deserve it after all your hard work!



  1. I am with you on not enjoying the christmas over the top madness! Lovely presents though! :)

  2. Nice pressies. Love the cushion. We are having a relatively quiet Christmas here.
    Merry Christmas Dianne, hope you have a nice relaxing day.

  3. Enjoy and relax! A very merry Christmas and a Quilty new year!

  4. OH Diane....any chance I can get you to write a tutorial for that wee purse for the FAL? Here is the link to the event. Email me please if you are willing. http://gapquilter.blogspot.com/p/2012-finish-long.html

  5. Have a very merry Christmas Dianne! x

  6. I wish you a lovely quiet Christmas and all the best in the new year. I do like that pillow!

  7. what fun presents! i was up until 2 last night finishing mine up... still a little more sewing to do today! i hope you have a very happy christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your special foods and see you after the holidays (virtually, anyway).