21 January 2012

Just a little Mouthy


 I've recetnly joined the Mouthy Stitches Zipper pouch swap.  I, along with a lot of you guys, am sitting waiting to hear who my secret partner is.  But in the meantime, I thought I ought to have a bit of a practice as I've never made a zippy pouch before.  

There are plenty of different pouch tutorials over in the flickr group, and I used this one.   It was really very easy to follow, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.

Nice pointy corners at the bottom

 The little covers for the zip ends worked very nicely too, and I think next time I can get rid of a bit more of the bulky seams to make them flatter.

A little shot of the inside

And I have a really good use for this little pouch.   It's going to replace this charming little bag

It's a ziplok bag that I keep my tablets in.  Not much to look at, but it has been with me for 4 or 5 years and has travelled the world - from China to America.  Time it was retired I think.  Here is it's replacement

Much prettier don't you think.   I'm full of enthusiasm now and will make a few different designs - there are so many tutorials out there.   But first I have to buy some more zips - the ones I bought a few weeks ago are too short!  Numpty.

All I need now is a partner


  1. Much better than a Ziploc, for sure. Great job, won't be long till we hear who we have...

  2. much prettier than the ziploc! can't wait to see what you make for your partner! ;)

  3. Wow, thats one well travelled ziplock.. your zippy replacement does look much better though!

  4. be sure to check zipit etsy store for the best prices on zippers

  5. Oh yes, definitely time to upgrade from the ziplock!

  6. Love your little pouch Di. It's a definite improvement over the trusty Ziplock! I would venture to say you're totally ready for the swap with a gorgeous prototype pouch like that.

    Im bookmarking that tutorial .....

    1. A bit late now Shay! I'm sure the swap mamas will be ensuring you join the next swap after you "disappeared" for this one!

  7. Di that looks great, so much better than the Ziploc. It lasted well though didn't it.
    Fantastic first attempt, I hope mine goes as well.

  8. That is a lovely zipper pouch but I am a bit stuck at how you used the same little ziploc for so long, it is sort of sad to retire it. Maybe it can have a new purpose staying safely home in the sewing room.