10 January 2012

Mayday, mayday

Calling all rescue ships.  I need help.

The D9P that I started before Christmas has come together quite well

The final layout

Pieced, sashing and scrappy (very scrappy) border added

Looking good

But oh no!

There more frills than on a bloody tutu
I thought I was being so careful not to stretch those biased edges.  Obviously not careful enough

So I took the border off and starched it, ironed it, stretched in in the opposite direct (I know, not the best thing) and it's slightly better, but still not good enough. 

Please can someone rescue me.  What can I do to get it flat?


  1. I am sorry I have no idea! I hope someone has a solution though, it is a lovely quilt!

  2. How did you measure and put on your borders? I have been taught to measure your quilt top, middle and bottom then take the average measurement to make your top and bottom borders the same size. If you just sew it on and cut off the excess you get waves. Just a thought.

  3. Not a clue! I would suggest that it looks pretty darn good and to just finish it. I have very little experience with bias sewing.

  4. Hi Dianne! Pat has it right. I have learnt that from Rebecca at www.chasingcottong.blogspost.com ,. she made a quilt class '101 Quilt Class'(button also in my sidelist) and you can find there very good tips for every part of making quilt. Still that happens very often with the border. If you are not a perfectionist, you can fix it some how with the binding (strech the binding to collect some of the waves). Then you can make quilting on the border so that it doesn't look too fluffy. Good luck. Any way it will be really beautiful quilt!
    x Teje

  5. I get frills sewing on NON bias borders. I tend to just quilt the hell out of them! I like Pat's idea, though, I'm going to try that!

  6. Oh sweetie no idea... I'm like Lynz, I get frills like that on non bias edges if I'm not 100% careful... Hope you can sort it, well, enough to be happy with it!! It is looking lovely though!

  7. Pat's solution is the way to go, but if it's cut on the bias I'm still not sure whether that will fix it. Sorry I don't have any other solutions, however it would go nicely with my "shower cap" block!!!

  8. I would try to redo the borders and if that did not help, I would leave it as it is, and quilt it - people are not flat and when they cuddle under a quilt the ripples will never show. Only show quilts are required to be flat. It is lovely, I love your colours.

  9. First off I love how it turned out ...Those wavy borders are painful, I had that happen to me once. I'd betaking them off and trying again ...or chucking it in a corner and going and having a good cry till you feel strong enough to face it again!