20 January 2012

Nosey Parker

Having missed the first two, I  am determined this month to join in with Kat's Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood over at  Mummas time to create

1)  How long have you been sewing? Are you a first generation sewer or was the knowledge handed down to you? Basically tell us about your journey...

I don't really know how or when I learnt to sew or knit, I just seem to have assimilated it over the years (I'm Borg really!).  My mum did sew and knit, so I must've picked some of it up from her.   Certainly I always used to be making clothes for my dolls.    Also my sister, who is 15 years older than me, used to do dressmaking to eek out the budget when her kids were young.  I spent a lot of time with her, so I must've picked a lot up from her too.  My first attempt at quilting was hand pieceing a hexie quilt, I must have been around 11 or 12, but I used any old scraps from my sister, so much of it was unsuitable for a quilt (crimpolene, satin etc.).  That never got finished and I think must've been thrown away somehere along the way.   I also learnt some basics at senior school, using sewing machines, how to use patterns.  You know the stuff - what all nice gels need to learn  - thank you Mrs Jeffries.  When I was first married I used to make skirts for myself, and a few things around the house.   Then my sewing machine went into stasis for a 20 odd years and came out again a couple of years ago when I started quilting.

2)  Where do you sew?/ 3) What does your sewing room/area look like today in it's real state. Take a picture of it if possible and show it to us real :)

 I used to have to use the dining room, which is OK because it never got used for dining.  But it did annoy my husband.  We have a small bedroom which we used as an office, but when the computer went into work, and we both have laptops, it hardly ever got used, so I was allowed to move in, although I still have to share it with the bed and files, paperwork etc.   Here's a picture of it today - I did give it a bit of a tidy yesterday.  There's usually an ironing board in the middle of the room.

The bed is where I keep my WIPs
Look at all the crap under the table (not sewing crap either)
Overspill on the chair, iron sharing space with files

Stuff in the corner, and on the floor, but a nice big cupboard for my (measly) fabric stash

The only drawback is I have no cutting table and end up either on the floor or back in the dining room!  I do like to try to keep it tidy, otherwise I can't find anything.  But after a few days swapping between projects, it all builds up again.

4)  What is the first thing that you made which you were really proud of? Show us pics of your favourite project.

The first thing I was really pround of was "Perfect Day" which I made for my SIL.  It's not my favourite quilt, I really don't like the colours and fabrics at all, but my they are my SIL's colours and she loved it.

I'm proud of it because it's the first proper pieced quilt I made and FMQ'd that was good enough to give to anyone!

The one I love best?  Difficult because so far I love them all!   But maybe if pushed to choose one it would be "Pretty in Pink"

I chose all the fabrics in real life (not on the internet) on a trip to Berlin, and I'm still using bits of them in almost everything I make now!   And I really like the straight line quilting I did, and still preferto FMQing.

5)  Do you always stick to the "rules" when you sew, or are you more improvisationally minded?

Well if I knew the rules, or someone would tell me the rules, yes I would stick to them.  Sadly I'm just one of those people - if someone gives me a rule I'll stick to it!.  But quilting isn't really like that is it?   I don't consider myself innovative by nature, more of a follower than a leader.  I am in awe of so many of you crafty people and the beautiful original designs you come up with.     I feel I'll never do that.   But by joining in with swaps and bees, I am taking tentative steps into being more innovative.  You're just going to have to keep coming back to see how I'm getting on!


  1. Great post Dianne, especially the last answer ;-) First rule of quilting is - dont listen to any rules it spoils the fun!!

  2. Coming over from Kat's post to say thanks for sharing your sewing space. How fun to see where other people sew - and where they live! :o)

  3. Great read Dianne, love the snowy quilt.

  4. this was really fun to read! your sewing space looks great! so clean! not a big mess like mine!

  5. Great post, I love that I'm not the only one with other random crap under my sewing table!!

  6. I love the picture of the quilt on the bed, covered with fabric. A true quilter at work!

  7. So don't every listen to any rules, then you will be fine. Your room looks like a nice place to sew, I also share my sewing with the spare bedroom.

  8. God, I am sooooo far behind in my blog reading. Your sewing room makes my whole house look a disgrace. Couldn't you have thrown a few random bits on the floor to make me feel better?!?!?!

  9. Glad to get to know you a little better. Nice peak into the quilty and sewing sides of Di

  10. Hi Dianne! Thanks so much for sharing your space & story with you. Oh I feel for you not having a cutting table - I can't cut on the floor to save my life.
    Lovely projects! :)
    Kat xx