30 January 2012

Stained QAL

Stained QAL

I have recently joined in with the Stained QAL with Sarah at Narcoleptic in a cupboard.   This is a crib quilt, which is just perfect as there are a lot of babies arriving in our family.  As we don't know if they are going to be pink or blue, I was looking for something gender neuter.  I'm not sure if I succeeded.

You know how it goes, before I know what has happened, I'd pressed the final button.  Only then did I wonder if it was the right one for the job.   Never mind, if not it'll make a nice wall hanging!

Just now got to decide which solid to go for

Orange                                              Slate                                              Charcoal


I would love to be brave and try the orange, but I think it would be a bit too much, so will probably go for the charcoal.  What do you think?

Also, whilst I'm here, does anyone know what this is?

 I found it when I was looking through the Fat Quarter Shop, making my blogger fat quarter choice.  In the end, it didn't get included, I was fiffing and faffing so much, but I really love the colours as a base for a quilt for our bed.   Can anyone tell me what it is?

I've had a good day sewing today - got the back finished for my Melly and Me quilt, and then managed to baste it too.  Hopefully I can get it quilted on Wednesday.   It's looking really good, although it's still a bit wavy - although much better than it was!

Take care


  1. Sorry Dianne i can't help with the mystery fabric but I bet Sarah can (N in a C) she's Amazing @ fabric ID ;-)
    Love your choice for the QAL btw :-)

  2. Oh dear lord my fabric geekiness is being challenged.... must find fabric... lol

  3. Aha, I know a trick :)
    Open a new window or tab in your internet browers in set it to google. Drag the image of the fabric from your post to the google search box. Click the search button or press enter. You will see a notification: For matching images, try search by image. The second part of this notification contains a link. If you click it you will see the result :)
    (Sarah has probably identified the fabric for you by now, but just in case she hasn't and you don't feel like trying the trick, the fabric is Emma Strawberry Limeade Groovy Petals from Emma by Michele Scott for Northcott Fabrics)