12 January 2012

Well I'm very pleased to be able to post a happy post today.   Thank you everyone who responded to my mayday call on Tuesday.  Thanks to your advice, wisdom and wit, I now have a happy, flat quilt top!  Do you want to see it? 

I ditched the scrappy border because that was on the bias too and I think it was making it worse.  I think the blue works even better.

Look, barely a wrinkle- lette there.  It's a bit puffy in one or two places in the  middle but they'll give in to a bit of heavy duty quilty.

For those of you interested in how I achieved this I

  •  Ripped out the borders
  • Squared off the quilt top again, as it had stretched a lot.  This is probably against all the rules and expert advice, but I did it.
  • starched and ironed it ...   a lot
  • Measured across the width in three places and took an average.  Then ignored it!.  Because of the very big waves I ended up measuring across the edge and taking a bit off so that I could ease the stretch back a bit.   Not what I was supposed to do but in this case, it worked.  However, I will do the average thing another time because I think it will work well..
  • I then pinned from the outside in, as per the instruction in Quilt 101 on Chasing Cottons blog.   I think this was a critical point, and will always do this in future.  And I really did pin it to the extreme.
  • I then sewed, easing the fabric to take up some of the remaining wrinkles.
Such a brilliant result. Probably the best borders I have ever sewn.

So Susan, you didn't see that dummy fly past then?   Oh and a big thank you, Leanne.  You made my day with your comment - "People aren't flat".  No they're not and I will always bear than in mind in future!


  1. lol i love the people aren't flat comment! I am glad you sorted it, I think you're right blue border looks great!

  2. I love the "people aren't flat" comment too. Well, I was at 13 years of age, but who wants to go back that long ago, anyway. The quilt looks great. I have yet to set a quilt on point. Maybe my next one I will give it a go.

  3. Love the quilt! HEHEHE, I know I'm far from flat!

  4. Really pretty quilt Dianne - sorry I missed your previous posts, looks like you have solved your problems.

  5. Great solution, the quilt is going to be so nice for the new baby! I am glad to have helped with your day too, I have had to remind myself from time to time about that very point and the resulting quilts are well used and loved and the recipients are not the wiser.

  6. Great job Di, I'm so pleased it worked out okay :-)

  7. oh i love it di! i bet it feels great to have the top finished! i can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  8. Hi Dianne! Your quilts looks now really good and those new borders with white and blue are so beautiful! I'm happy you found Rebecca from Chasing Cottons!
    x Teje

  9. So great it worked. The quilt looks lovely.
    And I'm joining the "people aren't flat" comment admiration club ;)
    I laughed so much.

  10. It looks fantastic Di. Great job of fixing it, I'm so glad you persevered with it.

  11. Fabulous finish. I love that quilt! No dummy went past here but I thought you might have spat it in a different direction.

  12. It looks wonderful and I can tell you're happy with it.

    All that frogging was worth it !