26 January 2012

Winter Stitching update

I'm linking in today with Sarah's Winter stitching list. I can't believe it's that time already.   I seem to have been doing a lot of sewing this winter so far, but then there doesn't seem a lot completed on my list.    Here goes. 
  1. Finish the Table Runner for the Modern Christmas Table Runner swap, plus a little Christmas decoration 
          Done - pleased with the finished item and even more pleased with the one I received !


2.   Finish Sherbet Pips quilt - boys version for my friend's daughter 
      Done - baby arrived a month early but managed to finish it by the original due date

3.   Make a girlie Sherbet Pips in anticipation of two babies due next year - er no but I have bought some solids to use and I have made this instead, which is waiting for a back and to be quilted

4.   Make a "Pay it Forward" gift for my partner - I think I know what I'm going to do now but it will have to remain a secret until it's done and sent.  Yes made, finally

5.   Make a Supernova Quilt for a friend, using Hope Valley.
Started this one - two stars made and the third almost complete.  I'm really enjoying this one - the fabric is so lovely to work with and the finished result is stunning

6.  Finish a cardigan for myself.  This is a long term, sitting in front of the telly, winter project.  Not a stitch made.   I'm not sure that I like it that much now!.

7.    Crochet a romper suit for my friends daughter - a holiday project.  Started it it, and ran out of wool.  I couldn't get any more so I had frog it to change it to a stripey jumper, which is almost finished.

8.    Knit or crochet a couple of hats for another friends daughter who apparently has a big head!   Also a holiday project.  Nope

9.    Make some new cushion covers for the lounge, including a cathedral windows cushion .  I finished my Dresden panel, which I made into a cushion.  It's not the prettiest, but at least it'sout of the way, and I've started to cut the cathedral windows cushion.

10.  Make a bag - tote sized - Nope

11.  Make something with a zip - Yes.  I've joined the Mouthy Stitches zippy pouch swap, and made a practice pouch.

12.  Make a tunic top using the Shearwater  pattern from "Make it Perfect" Nope, but I have part made a skirt which I forgot to write on the list in the first place.

13.  Make some small things to improve my basic sewing skills - bags, baskets, a dog lead. etc etc.I made a pillow and a scarf for my friends for Christmas, but that's all!

14.  Make a quilt for our bed - maybe, just maybe, join in a bee to accomplish this.  - Not started, I may have something up my sleeve here

15.  Quilt or crochet a blanket for a friend in Oz who is due to have her baby in April. - I am joinging in with Sarahs Stained  QAL(although I have no fabric yet), and also still crocheting those sweet african flowersNot sure either will get finished before April though.

16.  Keep practicing my FMQ, doing my weekly homework with Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting
I did carry this on until it finished in December, but not since
17.  Learn a little more about Blogger and update my blog with a new look.  Nope.  Still no idea what I'm doing, although I am a whizz at making mosaics.

And I have also made a few more blocks for the old Farmers wife quilt, which I didn't add to the list.

Well that's it so far.   Looking back over it, it seems I've fallen into the trap of having loads started and nothing finished! I'm totally gobsmacked by how much the rest of you are getting through.  I'm off to sit in the naughty girl's corner!


  1. Sure, you're getting there, loads more time to go :oD

  2. You are doing really well you know, at least half your responses werent out and out No's!!

  3. you are doing great, lots of time still!

  4. You have finished a lot and still have half the winter to continue. Well done an cheers for more winter sewing

  5. Diane you are doing great. May I make a suggestion about the last item on your list? Visit Jennie at click, snap, swoosh, laugh. She will be able to teach you and redo your blog. She is great. Here is a link http://jennierenee.blogspot.com/

  6. Well I have to say that your productivity and all your ideas put me to shame!!

  7. Lovely finishes all,keep plugging away!