19 February 2012

First of the new season

It's time for me to start of the new growing season.  In a very small way at first

Sweet potatoes put out for sprouting.   You may remember a similar picture last year.  Unfortunately I only got two plants, so this year I'm putting more out in the hope that we get a few more.

Next will be the tomatoes.  Crazy tomato woman rides again.  Only this year I have been told, in no uncertain terms, that I can only have 20 plants max.   We'll see.............

I was hoping to get out this weekend and prune the apple and pear tree, but the ground was far too wet after Friday's snow, which had melted by evening.

Oh and I saw the first sign of a daffodil this morning.  Spring must be around the corner.   I think we've seen the last of the really cold temperatures now.  


  1. Okay, those sweet potatoes are a little odd lol Hope you enjoy a good crop!

  2. Good luck with this years sweet ptattie crop!

  3. 20 tomato plants ! If I did that about one would survive.

    Happy Spring planting.

  4. I hope your potatoes do better this year!

  5. funny, we planted out potatoes this weekend, too!

  6. And a new season kicks in. You fill me with hope that I can actually get my tomato plants to produce tomatoes this year!

  7. How come your snow is all gone? We still have a fair bit, but it did make it up over freezing for about one minute this afternoon.
    Are sweet potatoes easy to grow? I absolutely love them, but have never tried!