05 February 2012

From my window...............

Back in October, I did my first "from my window" and had really enjoyed doing it.  Thought it was about time I did  another one.

From my window I can see two dog shaped blurs flying past.  I've just let them out of their pen for the day, and they have so much energy, they just have to run it all off!  Liska can't run as fast as Lucy, so there's always a delay between them.

I am thinking Am I going to be able to get some sewing in today, and finish all the things I want to, in time?   Er, dont think I'm on my own here!

From my kitchen No idea.  Probably a piece of tuna with couscous.  We are strictly following a fat free diet at the moment, so there's a lot of fish being consumed in this house! 

I am wearing as much as possible.  It's minus 12 outside with an arctic wind, and we're off to take the dogs for a quick walk around the block.   They don't care how cold it is!

I am creating A pouch for the Mouth Stitiches swap, and a small giveaway gift for my BLOGIVERSARY next week.  And quite a lot of mess.   I seem to have expanded from my sewing room, onto the kitchen table and into the lounge, depending on the time of day.

I am going to Brno this afternoon to pick up a small storage unit we have ordered for the bathroom and a new skiing helmet for Gordon.  Maybe we can side slip into Ikea?

I am reading a book that was recommended on a comment over on Lily's QUilts, recommended by the author!  On my Kindle of course, which is the best thing I've bought since my new sewing machine!

I am hearing Sky news - Chaos in Britain due to a bit of snow!  Which everyone knew was coming!  

Around the house  The spare bedroom is sitting half painted, waiting to be finished this morning.   Following our success with the red wall in the lounge, we seem to have lost the plot.  Fuschia in our bedroom (OK) and bright orange in the spare room.   This one is Gordon's choice, not mine!   I'll let you know what it looks like when everything is back in there

One of my favourite things  Peter, our production manager at work, and his wife Martina, had a baby on Saturday morning, a little sister for Patrick and Robin.  Her name is Erika and both mum and baby are doing well, although mum has declared that that's it, the family is now complete and she's not going through that again!  As they wouldn't tell if it was going to be a girl or boy, they have a neutral quilt.  Do you think it's OK for a girl?


A photo that bring happy memories

Taken during our first winter 2005/6 here in Czech Republic, amongst the vinyards.   We had about 2 foot of snow, and it was cold the whole of that winter - probably about -12c when this picture was taken, but it did drop to -22.  Snow was on the ground from December through to March.   These two reprobates are out old two dogs who made the journey across Europe with us, with never a grumble!   Peaches, the white one, died in of cancer in 2008, which was when we had the two young ones, to be mates for Ollie and keep him young.   Got that one wrong then - they drove him mad.  Ollie died Christmas 2010.   And the car was the one that brought us to Czech - it had to go back after 6 months and we had to buy a czech one.


  1. The quilt is beautiful, perfect for a girl. And it sounds like a nice day, even if it is so cold. We have mild temperatures again, a very unusual winter here.

  2. I enjoyed reading your `From My Window`...I might to try that some day. Love the photo and the quilt is great for a little girl!

  3. Looks like a fun day was planned. I love the pinwheels for the baby quilt. So happy! And that snow...well, I like that too since we never have any here!

  4. thanks for sharing your thoughts... the quilt is lovely and will suit her Im sure xx

  5. I like your "from my window" very much.
    The quilt is beautiful, I'm sure it will be perfect for the little girl.
    And as I'm a bit of a Kindle fan, I'm so happy you like it too.

  6. I think the quilt is perfect . Congratulations to your friends on the new arrival.

    The best thing I ever did was buy an Ipad and download a reader program (I have kindle and another one too ) I didnt think I';d enjoy reading books on a screen but I love it.

    I cant even fathom how cold minus 12 is . The coldest it ever gets here during the day is about 10 C ....and thats cold!

  7. Quilt looks lovely for a wee girl! Great post :-)

  8. Cool review :o) Think that quilt will be perfect for wee Erika

  9. The quilt is perfect for a girl. Love the peek into your life today.

  10. I think Erika will love her quilt! Good job, well done! best wishes from Helen in Switzerland

  11. what a sweet post. loved getting a peek in your life! ;)