13 February 2012

In search of..................

It's that time of year again.  When the temperature falls below -5 for about a week, there's a bell goes off in the heads of half the Czech nation that prompts them to get their skates and hockey sticks out and head for the frozen lakes.   As it's been between minus -10 and -15 for over two weeks, the ice is frozen solid and there should be loads of skaters out.   I can't skate,  but I do love watching others skate,  so on Saturday morning we went over to the lakes at Lednice where there are always plenty of skaters.

Note for next year - not at 10 o'clock in the morning, there aren't! 

We did have a very nice walk though, and took a few photos

and at last on the way back, a few hardy skaters were out

Can you see those little black dots?
Hardly the Victorian picture post card I was hoping for!

Then on Sunday we went in search of.............

............................a hippopotomus!   In down town Breclav.   At Gordon's last Czech lesson, he had to translate an article in the local paper about a granite hippo in the front garden of a house in Breclav.   And his homework was to find out where it was (strange sense of humour our teach has!).  And guess what, we didn't find that either.

We saw ducks

A cormorant(?)

And some swans

But no hippos.   Ah well!


  1. Hi Dianne! Lovely post! I used to know to skate and ski (we had to at school) but I'm not sure if I should try even I could find some ice now.
    My greek hb remembers how many centimetres the ice needs to be to walk, to go with a horse or by car!
    Enjoy that beautiful nature around you!
    x Teje

  2. Skaters and hippopotamus........interesting!
    Love your wintry photos and glad it's not that cold here.

  3. Im thanking my lucky stars we never get ice and frozen over lakes/ponds. I dont have the wardrobe for weather that cold.

    I enjoyed seeing your photos though.

    Too bad you didnt find that hippo. (Maybe it was too cold for him?)

  4. WELL! Maybe you did not find what you were looking for ...but, I enjoyed those things you DID find xx

  5. what a fun day! and holy crap that is sooo cold!!! i will drink a hot chocolate in your honor, with a shot of peppermint! ;) xoxo

  6. You can ski but you don't skate?! Go on, all that free ice, get yourself out there and make an arse of yourself until you get the hang of it. I would love a big old frozen lake to skate on. Memories of my teenage years.

  7. Sure, learning to skate isn't that hard, and you're never too old. Hunting for hippos though, erm, you may be too old for that ;o)

  8. You didnt spot a hippo?? In Czech.? LOL Sounds like your teach is good fun!

  9. Lovely views, even without the skaters. (I did enlarge the photo with the little black dots to discover the hardy skaters, too :))
    And if you ever find the hippo I want to see it too.

  10. It is very beautiful there, thank you for the pictures.

  11. what is it about a freezing day's photos that are so beautiful? I love all these photos