27 February 2012

Paper pieceing for the terrified.

I've had one or two goes at foundation paper piecing which turned out pretty well, but I did get very confused with the upside down, back to front, thing.  And I was not really sure if I was doing it properly.  So I decided to join in with Katy's Foundation paper piecing for the terrified, and learn the right way of doing it.

The first week was a block called simple courthouse steps, and here's what the finished article looked like

I sort of lost the point of the courhouse steps by doing scrappy, and it was only by chance that I got 3/4 of the word kindness.  Shame I didn't think about that.  But it is only a practice.

And look how neat the back is!

I know this paper piecing drives some folk to distraction, but I actually really like it.  I love the way everything turns out so neat and precise. 

And I love tearing the paper off too!

There is a flickr group, so you can have a look, see how everyone else is getting along.


  1. Paper piecing is still on my one day list! This looks great though!

  2. So glad you could join us, I just love the neatness too :o)

  3. I really like it...and esp. when doing points eg New York Beauty or mariners compas xx have fun playing x

  4. Looking fabulous. I did some paper piecing last year and I like how precise everything turns out too!

  5. Hi! Looks really great - I should try also!

  6. Your block looks great. I finally found time to make my first block last night. I love Katy's instructions, nice and easy. I think I'm going to enjoy paper piecing now, although I should probably not say that until I've made some more difficult blocks.