22 February 2012

WIP Wednesday


I've worked out that if I only join in with this every other week, it looks like I've achieved more!!

Actually I've had a good couple of weekends sewing, and have managed to move things along quite well.

New projects

I am joining in with Sarah's Stained QAL, and have managed to cut most of the patterned fabric.   I have slightly less hair and a lot less brain cells, but I got there.  I now need to get some solids but Simply Solids haven't got any of the 3 Kona colours I chose!   Does anyone else know of another UK stockist?


My Cathedral windows cushion was also sitting on my list for Rhonda's FAL. The fabric was cut, but I couldn't get the enthusiasm for all that pressing.  However, I put the telly on, and got down to it.   I'm peased to say I've finished the top.  It was a bit tedious, but I love the end result.

Just 144 ends to tie in!   Then I've got to make it into a cushion.

Progress has also been made on my Melly and me Quilt.  I finished the back by adding a scrappy strip horizontally and vertically - not quite what I had planned, but that's because there really wasn't a plan, just an idea.

I was undecided how to quilt it, but I spent one evening on the settee watching the tv with it on my knee.   I got in touch with my inner quilt, and together we decided that straight line quilting on the diagonal was the right way to go. 

Not actually that straight - but hey, don't tell the quilt police

And I finished the binding last night.

I've also made another couple of stars for the Supernova quilt.  Still love it to bits!


I finished my pouch for the Mouthy Sitiches swap

Just got to fill it with scraps and send it off.  Oh and do a tutorial!!!

No progress

Skirt for me
Farmers wife
Sherbet pips - girlie quilt.
Small purse


Completed projects - 1
New Projects - 1
Currently in progress -7

The list never seems to get any smaller!

Hop on over to Freshly pieced to see what everyone else is doing.


  1. Great work...so much done. Love the pouch

  2. I haven't joined in WIP Wednesday for three weeks and it still looks like I haven't been up to much!
    144 ends to tie in, pfft, but it will be worth it, as it looks fabulous.
    Love the way you quilted Melly and Me and the spotty binding is perfect.
    I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes, hoping that pouch comes my way!

  3. They're all lovely! I agree about the fortnightly WIP Wednesday :)

  4. Your pouch looks lovely, and I love your cathedral windows cushion front, definitely one on the to-do list for me!

  5. Cunning plan for every other week joining in ;o) I think the Eternal Maker does Kona too, but if you just google the colour you want with Kona UK, you should get a few links back :o)

  6. Such wonderful projects! That pouch is adorable! I really like that quilting as well- I think perfectly straight is boring anyway ;)

  7. Visiting through WIP...I'm crazy about your pouch -- beautiful!

  8. Love your idea of only linking in every other week! Cracked me up. :) Wonderful work on everything you have showcased today - like your idea of cutting and then putting blocks into bags. Very efficient. The Cathedral Windows is amazing!

  9. Lovely projects. My favorite is your cathedral window, fantastic!

  10. You sound pretty productive to me!!! I love your cathedral window piece - you don't see CW very often and it's so clever!

  11. I'm loving Melly and Me and the Mouthy pouch. Great job all round!

  12. Well you're certainly right about it looking more impressive!! Blimey. Love it all, especially looking forward to a tute for that tub pouch, its fantastic!

  13. I love the colors in your quilt....gosh, everything is lovely

  14. So many great projects! LOVE them all!

  15. Love Love love the pouch! Would so love to see a tutorial!

  16. I love all those projects! I have to say that cushion cover is going to be wonderful, tedious or not to make.

  17. Wow how long was I away for, you've been busy! fab projects! I am loving the cathedral windows! Think the only other main kona stockist i know of is riverfabrics.co.uk but it seems to be closed so... Mandy will usually get in other colours if you ask, just takes a while for them to arrive! Hope you manage to find some!

  18. wow, you did a lot . I love the quilt and the pouch for Mouthy stitches.

  19. what are all the little baggies for ?

  20. I love all of your projects! I've just pinned the heck out of your post on Pinterest ;-)

  21. gorgeous work!! I love the cushion and the quilt! The pouch looks wonderful and I can't wait for the tutorial!!
    I managed to cut my fabric for the Stained QAL into fat quarters but that's it so far!! ;) Need to get little bags at the ready!

  22. Ziplock bags are always useful, especially with a completed design like Sarah's QAL. I ended up using ziplock bags for one project once I had English Paper Pieced the patches.
    Re UK stockists of Kona, you might want to try http://shop.pollyanna-patchwork.co.uk/kona-cotton-solids-27-c.asp