02 March 2012

21.... AGAIN!

Guess who's birthday it is today!   And yes, I'm 21 again.   I love my birthday - I don't want much really.  Just tea in bed, open my cards, and the ability to say all day "but it's my birthday", thus ensuring I get and do largely what I want!   I was hoping the birthday bunny had ordered me an extension table for my sewing machine, but looks like he forgot to order it!  Never mind eh? 

But I have got a special present in the post (it came yesterday actually but I thought I'd pretend it came today and was an extra present! -  I can because " it's my birthday!"

Look what I got from Kelly (jeli quilts), my secret partner in the Mouthy stitches swap!


Isn't the bag lovely?   I love the pattern on the front so much, but look how those scissors have been fussy cut on the back (or is it the other way around).  It's just so great.  And Kelly made a lovely card for me too.

And look at the scraps I got.  Melody Miller, Eschino (I think),  some of those scissors, and lots more to extend my stash! 

My husband, as always was under-whelmed.  He just doesn't get it, and I don't think he ever will!

Well I'm being taken down to the local restaurant tonight - nothing special just a quiet night after an exciting week!  Have a good evening everyone, and thanks again to Kelly.


  1. Happy birthday Dianne - glad to hear you keep reminding everyone, I do that too, it is only once a year after all.
    Great pouch, I got mine today, love it, and my husband also underwhelmed, what are they like!!
    Enjoy your night out.

  2. Happy Birthday xx Your bag is wonderful... I have watched it being made ... and coveted it!! Mind you I dont want to swap xx Have a good meal x

  3. A very happy birthday to you missus!! Looks like you've been lucky in the pouch swap, thats a beauty and the scraps are fabulous! Have a wonderful dinner :-)

  4. Happy birthday Dianne! Hope you are having an amazing day and love the pouch - I loved this one in the flikr pool!

  5. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed every single minute of it. 21! Who would have thought!

  6. Happy Birthday, Dianne! Enjoy your day and your beautiful presents! x Teje

  7. Happy birthday Dianne. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    I'm green with envy, I love that pouch, you lucky thing. I'm still waiting for mine.

  8. Happy birthday Dianne!!

    I am so glad you liked the pouch and the scraps

  9. Happy Birthday Dianne!

    I think birthdays should be all about doing exactly what you want (for the whole week of your birthday- I have a friend that actually does that ) Enjoy your celebration.

    LOVE that pouch. Mr. P doesnt get the love of fabric thing either.

  10. Ooo Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have fun!! :)
    Pouch is great too btw! :)

  11. Happy, happy birthday! 21 is a great year. Enjoy it - again!. I love that pouch. It was on my mental 'that could be for me' list. Good thing I am so happy with mine that I can generously be happy for you. Have a great weekend!

  12. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good cuppa in bed today and the grub was good tonight. Lucky you to be asked to join the bee. Looking forward to seeing your blocks.

  13. Being a bit late, can I wish you a very happy birthweek?
    Hope you had a nice evening out yesterday.

  14. happy happy birthday dianne! i hope you had a great day and a super fun date with your mr. who will never understand how exciting it is to get fabric! :)

  15. Happy Birthday, my friend. I hope you had an amazing day.
    Your Mouthy Stitches gift is one I had my eye on, you lucky girl you!