01 March 2012

Posts are like buses

You don't see one for ages, then they all come at once!   There are times when I have no inspiration for a post.  Nothing exciting happens, no major progress takes place on projects.  I don't even have any photos to share.  Then you've got so much you want to say, you don't know when you're going to fit it in!

Today, oh today is a very exciting day at Quiltova towers.  The first bit of news relates to our business, the second  to quilting.  Here's a taster for the quilting one, but you're going to have to sit through the business bit first!

 stitch tease  

Ladies and gentlemen, after 7 years working from a crappy building, which is too small for us, has smelly drains, no hot water, black water in the taps, a horrible landlord, cold radiators, howling gales through the windows and sleeping security guards, today we signed the rental contract for a new factory for our company!   I cannot adequately explain just how bloody fantastic this is!  It's an old building that is being renovated, to our requirements, and will be finished for us to take over on 1st June 2012.  It has everything we need, and the new landlords are very nice.  Oh it will make our life so much easier, and if the opportunity arises to grow, then we have space to spare!  Tonight, a bottle of wine will be opened in way of a small celebration.  Please feel free to join in.

OK, sorry about that, but i this is so  BIG for us, and I just can't get the smile off my face.  I did a little jig around the factory this afternoon!

Now on to things slightly more quiltified!

I am as pleased as punch that I have been invited to join a great bunch of very clever and talented ladies (you can pay me later girls) in my very first bee, Stitch Tease,  starting today, organised by another Di, Di from random thoughts do or di.   It's a round robin, with each of us making a block or row for each quilt.   We have specified was sort of quilt we want, with specs ranging from the specific, to the "do what you want"!     This bee is also a little bit special because, having made the first block for our own quilt, it goes travelling off around the world and we don't see it again until all the blocks have been made, and put together by our designated assembly worker.  What a surprise that's going to be when we get it!

So who will be stitch teasing with me?

There's Di in California (our leader)
Danny in Arizona Mommy for reals
Helen in Switzerland Run quilt knit write
Annabella in Morocco Liffes Rich Pattern
and in the UK
Susan Canadian Abroad
Hadleigh Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle
Katy The Littlest Thistle

What a talented line up eh?  I'm so looking forward to getting stuck in and pushing myself to try new things.  My brain is so full with ideas at the moment - I thing there might just be a few grey cells up there with "designer" written on them!  It's very feint at the moment, but lets hope it will be a bit stronger and braver by the time I finish.

We're over here on flickr if you'd like to see what we get up to.  Thanks for organising us Di, and so looking forward to it ladies!


  1. Ooh congrats on the new factory space, having somewhere nicer will make a big difference I'm sure!! And oooh, fab new bee...

  2. Yay! Can't wait to get started!

  3. Oh how exciting to have a new factory - the picture you have painted of the current place is not that pleasant! So excited to be in this bee with you and the other gals - it`s going to be fun!

  4. Good news about the new work space. Yeah! The bee sounds like fun.

  5. I am so pleased for you... enjoy the wine xx looking forward to seeing your round-robin... LOVE them xx

  6. Yay on the new premises, sounds like a great opportunity.

    Looking forward to the bee so much too!

  7. Well done to the business. Your bee sounds really unusual, enjoy.

  8. Congrats on the new lease! Someday you'll have to tell me what the business is.
    Nice write up about our bee! It's going to be so fun.

  9. Congratulations on the new space, that sounds so much better than the "dungeon" you are in now.
    Looking forward to seeing the bee results.

  10. Congratulations! That sounds so great! I'm celebrating with you!
    And your quilting news are also very exiting! That is going to be fun to see all the blocks only at the end! x Teje

  11. A thousand congratulations and good thoughts on the business news. You must be so excited!

    Onto the quilty news- I love the idea of your quilt travelling round the world and being added to so you dont really see it till it's done. Im sure your bee buddies and you will have lots of fun .