03 April 2012

First quarter FAL


I have written this post already this morning, but blogger didn't want to play ball and wouldn't publish it and didn't save it.  So once again, with feeling.......

In January I promised hand on heart to Rhonda and the rest of you faithfull readers that I would finish three projects.  Well I've only finished one out of the three, although I have made progress on them all.   Here they are


I  decided the only thing I could do with it was to turn it into a cushion (or pillow).

(OK folks, I'm on my third go doing this post.  It wouldn't save again and I've lost 1/3 of it again!)

I've made progress on this one.

It needs a back and a zip, so it's going to have to carry over to  Q2.

And finally the skirt

I made progress on this too, it just needs a waistband and the hem

But since starting this, I've lost weight and at least one dress size, so I've either got to take it apart and re-make it smaller, or give up.   As it was only a tester anyway, I'm inclined towards the latter.  What to you think?

We as I'm now on the fourth attempt at this post (I don't know if there's a problem with blogger, Firefox or my laptop) I'm finishing abruptly now to link in with Rhonda and a chance to win all those nice prizes

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  1. Your photos didn't all load, but when you said you've lost weight, I am so jealous. I just can't get motivated yet.
    I love that cathedral windows pillow top.