17 April 2012

Friday 13th and some winnings

Some people are unlucky enough to be born on the 13th, which means that birthdays have a nasty habit of falling on Friday.  My husband is one of those, and this year it's a Friday 13th.   It didn't start off too well either.  When he was backing out of the drive, he got very close to the gate post.   He missed it, but on the ground there is a 3 inch high horshoe piece of metal that the gate closes into.   He didn't miss that, and put a 3 inch hole in the tyre wall.  Then the spare was flat.  He pumped it up, put it on, and found a screw in the tread!   Well, we got that sorted and the day got a lot better from then on.   We went out to the (only) steak house within a million miles.  We don't go often, but he always orders a t-bone, and they've never got any!   But the birthday bunny was good to him this time, and there was no hesitation.

Saturday was also our friend's birthday so we took the kids to the thermal pools at Laa