12 April 2012

Like a pheonix from the ashes


On Tuesday I had two thoughts at the same time.  According to my husband, that usually signifies trouble.  But I think the two compliment each other this time.

First thought, which has been running through my head, is that I am NEVER going to finish the Farmers Wife.  Every week, I fail to do the two blocks I'm supposed to and I just get further behind.  There are too many other things I'd rather be doing. So I've killed her!  Dead and buried, only ever to re-surface if I use any of the blocks in other projects (which I may well do) R.I.P Farmers Wife.  It's rather liberating - go on try it, you know you want to!

Anyways, the second thought that I thought was that my nephew and partner have around 2 weeks to the birth of their baby, and I haven't even started a quilt for them.


Why not use the now redundant Farmers Wife fabric for a quilt for them.  SO I had a look through my books and decided to go for this one

It's from Camille Roskelley's book Simplify.   It's a bit pale and wishy washy here, and I don't like the ribbon, but using my Farmers Wife feed sacks, I think it's going to have a bit more zing! 

That's 64 blocks made in under 2 days - somewhat of a record for me!   I'm not rushing to sew them together though, as I don't have any sashing, backing or binding fabric yet! 

Now what can I do next?


  1. Great idea! Sometimes you just have to shoot the horse.

  2. I love those fabrics, what a great baby quilt. I have not quite given up on the farmer's wife, I still have until June, so maybe I will get back to her. If not, I will sew together what I have - might be pretty small.

  3. I LOVE it Di! It's going to make a gorgeous fun quilt! Can't you just piece that FW blocks you've made already into a small quilt or a table runner or something - seems a shame to waste them - especially in such fun fabric! You're right to ditch - life is hard enough without self-induced guilt!! Have a liberated weekend!!

  4. I put a kibosh on my Farmer's Wife too. I wasn't excited about the fabrics I had chosen and the patterns and templates were too much for my simple mind. I think using your fabrics for a baby quilt is brilliant

  5. Good idea dropping the farmer's wife. I did the same thing with Sew Happy QAL and it felt soooo good!