18 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

A short post today from my sick bed (it's only 8 am and I'm bored already).  I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed!

Just one finish to report -my girlie Pips quilt

This has now been bound and is ready to go off to it's new owner


I've made a start on a name tag for  my secret partner for the Fat Quarterly retreat. Blogged here, but I'm not sure about it.  I may have to rethink

And I decided that I'm never going to finish the Farmers wife, so I killed her off and have used some of the fabrics for a quilt for my nephews bbay (due next week!).  The top is almost finished but I have nothing for the sashing, the binding or the back!

God it feels so good to be rid!!!


I have made significant progress on my cathedral windows pillow.  It just needs the binding  and should be finished tomorrow.

I have caught up weeks 2, 3 and 4, although I only did a quarter of no 3.  Blogged here

Stained QAL (although I have ordered some orange and green to try another colour for the sashing other than coal.)
Zippy pouch tutorial
Small purse
Skirt - probably abandoned

2 new starts
1 finish
2 progress
5 untouched
1 murdered

So I'm off to do the only thing a girl can do from her sick bed - on-line fabric shopping!


  1. Get well soon Di x
    You have things to get on with!!!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Love the Pips. Smiled to hear you have murdered your FW - I dare you to slash the rest of the blocks....blood curdling laugh.........

  3. Oh poor you! Hope that you make a rapid recovery - but need to stay home in quaranteen for the rest of the week (just in case) so that you get some uninterrupted sewing time. Love the girl Pips!

  4. Get well soon Di! Love the Pips.

  5. The pips are nice!
    I killed the Farmer's Wife too: didn't like it to say the least!
    Love the babyquilt
    And get well soon!!

  6. Hope you feeling better by now.
    Love the Pips quilt.
    I'm still into FW, slowly...very slowly.

  7. Oh no! Hope you feel better before your card goes into meltdown with the online purchases ;o)

  8. Get well soon. Your makes are lovely.

  9. I like what you did with the revived fabric from the Farmers Wife quilt. Im still plodding along with mine. By now I should have about 36 blocks finished and I've managed to bang out 8 ...this could be a very long term project for me.

    Girlie Pips looks fabulous. I didn't buy any of that fabric line when it came out and now Im sort of wishing I had.

    Hope you feel better soon (I indulged in a spot of online therapy myself last night )

  10. Sorry you're all stuffed up with lurgy... Doesnt seem to be affecting your mojo tho so that's pretty good! Whats your worry bout the name tag? the sneaky peak looked cool! Hope you're able to enjoy some more sewing time, take care x

  11. Thank god for the internet, when you are sick. Online shopping should be the best therapy for feeling sick!
    I'm pleased I never started the FW blocks, RIP. I really like what you have done with the left over fabric.

  12. So sorry you're poorly, hope you feel better soon! I kind of love that you killed her off, good for you! Much better to be sewing something you love :) The baby quilt is very cute!