06 May 2012

2012 FAL - first finish for spring

I am so behind at the moment with reading my blogs.  What with sewing, and gardening, and relaxing in the sun,  writing the occasional post and answering e-mails, there doesn't seem any time for reading blogs.  Last night I even got told off for making a noise on my computer (tapping keys, beeping) whilst Gordon was trying to watch Wallander!  I give up.  So apologies if I haven't been very active.

Anyway I'm pleased to show off my first finish for Rhonda's Q2 Finish ALong.    I finished the Cathedral Windows cushion!   Yey for perserverance! 

The front

The back

Flap to cover the zip

It wasn't too difficult, but I think I could've taken a bit longer over sewing down the curves and got them to meet a bit better in the middle and cover up the stitching underneath.   If  I do another (and it is a very big if) I will know better.  In the meantime, anyone who points this out will get told what to do about it, in no uncertain terms!

I started it last summer I think, but it you add up the hours spent on it, it reallydidn't take that long.  I think the longest was ironing all the squares of white fabric which was mind numbingly boring.  But I just seemed to hit problems along the way.    And the final straw was getting a cushion filler for it.  It's 50 x 50 cms which is a bit larger than normal and I don't have a Dunelm just up the road, so I thought I'd support my local trader, went into the "stock a bit of everything" shop, and she said she'd order one.   That was 2 weeks ago, and having visited the shop several times, often finding it closed, the final straw came yesterday when the lady wasn't there and the guy didn't know and obviously didn't care either.   So I was heading for the Big City anyway and got one there.

So thanks Rhonda for helping me to finish it.  On to the next one now - the Supernova quilt.

Oh and before I forget, I'm a great auntie again.  My nephew's partner gave birth to Vivienne Ellie on Thurday 3rd May in sunny (?) Manchester.  She had a bit of a rough time, but both mum and baby are fine.  So I've got to finish my pheonix quilt for her now!   Back down the list Supernova.


  1. Your cushion looks stunning! Congratulations on being a great auntie, again. You'd best get sewing then. ;-)

  2. Lovely cushion, surprised you were out of the pool long enough to finish it!

  3. Love your cushion Di - the fabric is great and I've always thought that cathedral window was such a clever pattern!

  4. what a gorgeous pillow!!! Love all the colors, they work so great together!

  5. The pillow is beautiful! I get tired of all that folding and ironing after one window so have only made pincushions. Congratulations on the new family baby!

  6. Congrats on the cushion, but hasn't Gordon found how to turn up the volume? ;o)

  7. I really like your cushion and you did such a fabulous job on the zipper.
    baby Vivienne is the third baby I know born on May 3 this past week!

  8. I get behind reading blogs all the time . And then I stress out about people thinking I don’t care about what they wrote. Arent we silly?

    I love the cushion. The fabrics are fabulous. The cushion looks darling and best of all –it’s finished !

    Congrats on becoming a great aunty again. Babies are just the most wonderful things ever.

  9. love the cushion...doesnt matter how long it takes... just that you are finished with and love it. WHAT part of Manchester is sunny? I will be there QUICK!!!! lol x

  10. Cushion looks great! Like how you've done the zip with the flap bit. Good luck with Supernova!

  11. beautiful! i love the pillow and i bet it feels great to have it done!