16 May 2012

The Chaos Effect

Firstly I'm pleased to say I've got my name tage for the FQ Retreat.  Yay!  I got a cute little polar bear asleep under his quilt, all the way from Nicole in Holland!

Isn't he lovely?  And what a clever idea to use an embroidery hoop.  I had half a suspicion that this could be for me, as the space for the name was very small!

And she also sent me an extra goodie - a tea towel.

At first I thought it was too nice to use,  but then it would only sit in a draw, and never get seen. So I will use it, but selectively.    Thanks again Nicole.

And so on to the chaos theory.   You know the thing - a butterfly flaps it's wings in Valtice and there's a hurricane in China - or something slightly more complex than that.   But it's happened here.   A casual chat over dinner on Friday has led to chaos.  We're changing the spare spare room from a study/sewing room/bedroom, back to a bedroom. This has meant throwing out years of paperwork, 4 or 5 years worth of back copies of Gardeners World Magazine, cards that I have been saving for years because I like the picture and was going to "do something" with them.   I have also cleared out clothes and shoes I haven't worn for years. I have 3 really good suits left over from the days when I wore suits, which are no more thank goodness.   Then in order to make room for me back in the dining room, together with the remaining accumulated paperwork and books,  I have also tidied out all the drawers and cupboards in the dining room and lounge.  Not to mention what in the garage!  You get the picture.

Today, the tidying got as far as the spice drawer, although how I don't know - the kitchen wasn't included in the move around.   I think I must've got the bug.  But I think you will agree it needed it

So when I was in Tesco this morning I bought these

Those clippy stackable containers - 16 of them.  And here is the after photo

A few more are still needed, and I'll bring the dymo home to label them, but much better.  (The ones stuffed at the back are "spares" - heaven help us if we run out of anything)

As you can see, I've had a thrilling day, the highlight of which is cleaning out a kitchen drawer.  How sad is that? 

I'm going to feed the muts, then do some sewing.  TTFN


  1. So beautiful goodies, Dianne! I should do the same with spices - great idea to buy those smalle tupper boxes! x Teje

  2. :-O Tescos in the Czech Republic?!?! Wouldn't surprise me though.
    Love the little sleepy bear.
    Fortunately, I am limited to how big my stash can grown due to having to use 2 set of plastic drawers & a laundry bin.

  3. Your name tag is so cool!

    I leave my cupboards in a disgraceful state and then my hubby gets the huff and tidy's them up :-)

  4. Your drawer looks great! I'm one of those crazy, everything-has-to-be-organized people so your after picture just makes my heart melt!

  5. You can pop down here after to Retreat if you still have that 'bug' - I could keep you busy all summer!
    Love your Retreat medallion!

  6. Love the name tag, and yeah, after Hadley's could you nip up here please?

  7. LOVE the name tag - and how on earth do you have Tesco?

  8. Your name tag is gorgeous. (And I'd be selective about using that tea towel too!)

    Your spice drawer looks a million times better. It may just inspire me to get round to doing my own ....cant find a damn thing in there at the moment!

  9. I need to get the clean out everything bug...27 years is too long to live in the same place.

  10. Don't lovely name tag but I would like to suggest you ignore Hadley's invite and come here instead. I will promise to feed you well and provide copious amounts of wine and laughter while you sort my house out.

  11. oohhh I love your tag :)
    The drawer looks a million times better, I adore organising and clearing things out. It's always been my favourite thing to do!! It just feels so good :)

  12. Your name tag is lovely! And good for you for getting all that tidying done. I say go with it for as long as it lasts, I need to catch that bug too.