13 May 2012

Gardening in May

There hasn't been a gardening post at all this year.  I've just been looking back to this time last year, and I'd written several.  So I think we'd better have an update.

We' had a very mild winter - one or two weeks of very cold temperatures, but hardly any snow.   Then March and April have been warm and sunny, so I thought the garden would be way ahead.  But it's also been very dry and  think this has checked some things back.

The veggie patch is looking much better this year.  We have peas, beans, onions, potatoes, carrots and beetroot all growing away.  The parnsips still have to get going and right over in the far corner I've sewn some cutting flowers.  I love having bunches of flowers in the house, so I've planted a few different ones this year.

And my tomato plants are doing really well.   Last year someone (Marg? Shay?) christened me mad tomato woman, and this year I'v tried to cut back, but I appear to have a problem

There's 28 plants here, which techically is less than the 30 I had last year, but doesn't really constitute cutting back!

We've done a few new things this year.  We moved the compost bins away from the side of the house,  and have brought all the fruit trees together, as previously they were scattered about and got neglected.  We have autumn raspberries, strawberries, goosberries, tayberries, blackberries and  bilberries.  Hopefully up by the house I will water and feed them more often.

Last year we planted a weeping birch, but it didn't make it through the winter, so we have replanted with an acer

This is not a delicate cultivated variety, it's a bit hardier so should withstand the winds.

We've dug and plated a small border in front of the fence.  We'll probably make it bigger, and a more interesting shape later, but it's a start.

Each year different plants have a good year.  Last year my wysteria was lovely but this year either late frosts or my bad pruning have left it without a single bloom.   But the Sambucus is fantastic

As the weather gets hotter, this will dry out a lot and loose it's wonderful fresh colour, but at the moment it is gloroius.

Also the weigelia is fabulous this year

Also I didn't realise I captured my tasteful garden ornament.  I think you can porbably make out what it is!

And finally, a taste of the coming summer.  I've planted up some window boxes

They're a bit sparse at the moment, but hopefully they will fill out.  Previously I've put them on the balcony but then I've got to traipse upstairs with the watering can every day, twice a day when it's really hot, and it just doesn't happen.  So we'll try them at ground level this time.

I hope you enjoyed a quick flit around the garden.  I will try to keep up to date in future,  with at least a post every month.

Have a good weekend everyone



  1. Swimming pool and fresh grilled veggies on the BBQ. I'll be over the end of August then, thanks. Everything looks wonderful.

  2. wow all this is looking so wonderful and the pool too.................... while we freeze :))))

  3. Weigelia.... sounds like an awffy posh Glaswegian... Lovely garden missus Tomatty :-)

  4. I think it may have been me. At least you are not going to disappoint and I can call you that this year too, lol. Good to see you downsizing, ha ha. I'll be interested to see how many tonnes of tomatoes you pick this year.
    I know what you mean about watering plants in hot weather. In summer we can have days without rain and then I forget to water the pot plants, and if they are out of sight they are out of mind.

  5. That garden ornament is so classy I want to run out and buy one and I wouldn't have been so rude as to call you a crazy tomato lady so it was definitely Marg!

  6. Oh dear... you're miles ahead of me....I seem to be massively behind in the garden this year!!!

  7. Your garden is beautiful! I think it is fine to be crazy tomato lady.

  8. love to see other peoples gardens ... thanks for sharing it xx

  9. What I wouldn't give for that much room to grow a garden. It's beautiful

  10. your garden looks amazing and i can't wait to see all of those tomatoes! although, your Sambucus looks a little like cannabis! ;) xo

  11. I love exploring your garden, thanks for sharing. The Sambucus and weigelia are just so lovely. And there is no such thing as too much (many?) tomatoes, believe me ;)